Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Mami

Roll Deep, Live at the East River Ampitheater 8.13.05 New York, NY

Kano, Ghetto and Bionix, Live at the East River Ampitheater 8.13.05, NYC, NY

I wanted to wish a special Happy Birthday to MC, who is celebrating it over in India. Very gangsta. Not sure if she is involved in peace talks with Pakistan or what, but I want India to know that she is coming back on the 29th. No extensions, no delays, I need her back. I can think of little else but her return, but since I promised to not get too emo, I will keep this short. I will simply say that I am so happy to celebrate a new year in her life, as I can't wait to see what it holds in store for her. Hint, big things, real big things.

Above are her first B-day gifts, recordings from the grime weekend that went down in NYC a few weekends and that she so eloquently reported back on. That's right, those are recordings of the Roll Deep Crew and Kano from the East River Park. I cannot take credit for these, as all respect and props go to DJ Lioness who uploaded these on her site. Go there and check out the best grime audio source on the Internet, as we will return to this site often in the future. Thanks again, as I never thought that I would have a chance to hear what went down that weekend.

Check back later, as I will have a few posts up in the next day or two.

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