Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Kano/Diplo at the Knitting Factory/Juelz/Roll Deep at East River Park (The MC Pics)

Here are the pics that MC took over the course of Saturday in NYC. The Juelz Santana ones are just amazing, visible proof how close and intimate this show was. Grrr, can't believe that I missed out.


Setting up for the show in the East River Park


The music begins



Sneaker heat on a hot day

Juelz 1

Juelz 2

Juelz 3

Juelz 4

Juelz 5

Juelz 6

Stop watching TV, watch Juelz

East River Park crowd 1

East River Park 2

Crowd shots

Juelz 6

Juelz so focused and so icey

Diplo 1

Diplo 2

Diplo puts the Knitting Factory on blast

Diplo 3

Diplo's set-up


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