Monday, August 08, 2005

Mas Flow 2 (Pero No Mas Reggaeton Aqui)

Baby Ranks, Tony Tun-Tun, Wisin y Yandel, Hector 'Bambino', Daddy Yankee, Mayor Que Yo

Alexis y Fido, Tiburon

Daddy Yankee, Deevani and Tego Calderon, Mirame (2)

Polaco, Con Rabia

Wisin y Yandel, Rakata

Yaga y Mackie Ranks, Tortura

All good things must come to an end, and so Pound for Pound is going to take a reggaeton break, as we are going to start posting ghettotech mp3s starting Monday. That's right, come here for all of your DJ Assault, DJ Godfather and Disco D needs. We will be posting up singles, mix CD excerpts, DJ sets, and mixes from some unknown bols. Yes, yes, I have been promising this for awhile, as MC kindly noted. This time it's for real, as I have no more reggaeton to share and a new week has begun. I really am looking forward to this, as it fits so well with the Booty Week theme that we have been living under this summer.

For my final run of songs, I am going to focus on one of the hottest reggaeton CDs ever, Mas Flow 2. I apologize for not getting these up first, but quite honestly, I just got the CD. Anyway, this is a recent release, and seems to be taking the genre to new artistic heights. It is the work of Luny Tunes, a production team getting comparisons to the Neptunes. It is a good one, beyond the duo aspect. Both duos have achieved a status on par with those in front. Both teams are open to any and all influences, opening their respective genres to the entire world's sounds. This album has a similar feel to The Neptunes Present: The Clones, where lots of different performers came together with the production and beats as the selling point. The producer as star continues to spread, it seems.

The oddest part of the album is the fact that it is credited to both the Luny Tunes and Baby Ranks, an up-and-coming MC. He is good and appears on a handful of songs, but gets lost with the cast of all-stars on this album. When I say all-stars, I mean it. These songs feature many of the same performers highlighted earlier, like Daddy Yankee, NORE, Ivy Queen and Zion y Lenox. There are also quite a few unknowns on these 2 CDs, which was a welcome surprise, giving one the most hope that this genre will stand the test of time once the flavor of the month vibe wears off. The songs above are some of the hottest on the album, and should give a good sense of the the variety and quality throughout the two discs.

Again, I cannot say enough about this one, as it is the best major label jawn I have heard yet, bringing the energy and variety that I have only previously found on mixtapes. However, unlike the mixtapes, there is no sense of a cheap product, abbreviated songs, or less than stellar sonic quality. It is a must-buy for anyone looking to get into this music, especially if you fear the rumors that this is a repetitive genre. Go here and cop it, friends.

-I have been looking for writers dealing with reggaeton, but there is not much out there in cyberspace. However, Wayne&Wax not only gets in under the wire, but absolutely kills it. Go here to check it out, as this is the definitive piece on the genre so far. It is an amazing blend of thoughts on the musical content and the larger socio-historical context, an intelligent look at a music that seems to be disrespected or overlooked at every chance. The only bad thing I can say is that I am embarrassed that I couldn't put anything similar together. Go here immediately and go to school. [Via Mudd Up!]

-Charlie Murphy says that the Chappelle Show is over. He also compares it to Tupac, which actually kinda made sense to me, although hopefully there won't be anyone gunned down. Seriously though, this is real sad news if it is true. When one forgets the awful memories of drunk frat guys in bars shouting "Rick James, bitch!", one realizes that this was one of the best shows TV has ever offered. Brilliant, angry, hilarious stuff.

-Since I congragulated Houston So Real on the birth of his daughter, I figured that I would engage in a bit of self-congragulation on my new daughter, Jezebel. MC and I came across her in a vacant lot near 700 Club, and were immediately taken by her. We took her home, tried to find her owners, and officially adopted her this weekend. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world in my opinion, taking after her adopted mother. See the picture above and try to disagree that she isn't the most beautiful cat you've ever seen. (Unless you want a sock in the jaw, I suggest that you agree.)

-Finally, as a gift to my readers, and my final reggaeton gesture, I am going to upload all of the mp3s from the last two weeks. Enjoy, and let us know if there is anything else that you would like re-uploaded.

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