Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Best Week Ever

Ok, maybe not that great, but it was an eventful few days since my last post. First off, Thursday was the 27th anniversary of the birth of yours truly, Pound for Pound. I want to thank the friends who came out and made it a celebration, joining me at N.3rd and 700 Club for a night on the town. TA, MR, CS, AP, TK and LU (and others like L, J and K whose last names I do not know) came out, and their presence was the best gift of all. MC put it all together, and her planning exceeded all of my past birthdays combined. In all honesty, I have never been a big fan of my birthday, as it usually made me depressed. This year feels so different, as I can't wait for this year to unfold. Her presence alone accounts for much of this optimism. The rest I will save for her, as it's time to get back to discussing "Ass and Titties" in a scholarly way.

Over the weekend, I headed to Greenville, South Carolina. No, it was not to validate my general unease with the South and cement my love for cities (although those goals were accomplished). Rather, I had the good fortune of attending the wedding of JB and ER, . JB is one of my oldest and closest friends, and ER has become the same since they began dating. Their wedding was quite beautiful, traditional and elegant in the way that you imagine they used to do it. Mazel tov, you two, as I was glad that I could share in such a special day.

Best of all, the weekend was an occasion to see lots of old friends, some of whom I had not seen in years. I was especially happy to hang out with MM and BD, who are doing real big things. I want to give a special thanks to Uncle "Redd", whose diatribes on Clinton, the 'liberal' media and taxation, his love for the Constitution, his desire to implement martial law in the US to quell dissent and his history lesson on late 60s Southern rock provided all the entertainment I could want.

In a terrible convergence, it seems that the world was as active as ever. Check my mami's posts on the great stuff in NYC on Saturday. Friday night was just as hot there, with Knit hosting another amazing grime/DJ show, this time featuring . There was Making Time in Philly, along with White T's and White Belts at Aqualounge. I would love to hear some reports on any of these happenings, as I need to live vicariously.

-A quick note for an event tonight in the 215 that everyone must attend. Low Budget and DJ Deluxxx are spinning at Silk City (5th and Spring Garden), bringing the music of the Dirty South to Philly. That means crunk, screw, Miami bass, Baltimore club and everything else that Pound for Pound likes to listen to and talk about. I mean, for real, I could not imagine a better concept and better selectors. I am going to go by myself (friends, step your games up!), which should show just how great I think this one is (and not that I have a man-crush on Low Budget). Get there, and let's hope that this is the start of a weekly or monthly.

-Regular blogging will resume shortly, as I will continue my look at ghettotech with a few rants about politics thrown in for fun. Check back soon, y'all.

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