Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Inside the Blogger's Studio: Pound for Pound

I just wanted to give you some behind the scenes looks at Pound for Pound, a peak in on the creative process, a view of how we make the lemonade here. See for yourself how focused I am. For real, we are going to be dropping lots of ghettotech, pointing out all of the other people in cyberspace spreading good music, and just generally stayin' on the grind. I am going to try to discuss politics more, as I have held my tongue too long. Don't fear, as I promise not to go all Uni-bomber on everyone. I just want to use Pound for Pound as a source for some of the great progressive thinking, the debates within the Left and exposing the bankruptcy of the modern Right.

But, most importantly, I am going to try to bring back the focus to Philly and the city, in its general form. It is what interests me, and while I have been spreading the sounds of the cities lately, I have not been bringing much else. Look out for more discussion on street art, on architecture and development. Look for bigger discussions on the future of city life, on urban centers and . Finally, I will discuss my city, Philadelphia, and look at how we got here, what's going on now and where we are headed (or need to head) as much as possible. I hope that readers will find something of interest, as the discussion picks up here.

As you can see, I pulled out my nicest plaid shirt, so y'all know that itsa bout to get real ugly in here. TTYL, LOL, j/k :)

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