Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tony Touch

Tony Touch and Nina Sky, Play That Song

Tony Touch, D'Mingo and the Beatnuts, Sofrito

Tony Touch, DJ Premier and Tego Calderon, Gangsta Gangsta

Tony Touch and Pitbull, Back Up

Okay, one more post featuring reggaeton. It's like an addiction, people, I just can't stop. Below are more links to great music blogs and sites, as I figured that my readers would appreciate some diversity in their downloading. It can't be reggaeton all the time, can it? Feel free to recommend any other sites, as I'm always on the lookout for the bringers of heat.

These songs come from Tony Touch's new album, Reggaetony, which came out a few weeks ago. Tony Touch is a legend, having been a notable DJ for more than a decade at this point. He has stood at the crossroads of hip hop, dancehall and reggaeton, serving as an selector for these similar genres and has helped bring them to greater fame. While he is probably best known for his mixtapes in the late 1990s, he is one of the early founders of reggaeton, spinning at a Puerto Rican club called The Noise, where the music took shape, and putting out an album called Guatauba, which paired reggaeton artists with hip hop stars.

On this album, Tony Touch plays his role to perfection. He is joined by all of the leading figures in reggaeton, like Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon and Zion & Lenox, along with some notable hip hop and dancehall figures, from Fat Joe, NORE and Nina Sky to DJ Premier and B-Real(!!!). It all befits his important station as mixtape maker and Power 105 DJ. Go here to buy the album, as I would recommend it for those not sure what they think about this music yet. It highlights the connection between hip hop and reggaeton, and Touch definitely knows how to bring out said connection. However, this is nothing special. There are a few hot tracks, which are for download above, but overall, the beats seem tired or uninspired.

-If Houston did have a problem, Matt Sonzala would certainly have the answer. For real, Houston So Real is the blog that puts all other blogs to shame. Whether it's the interviews with Pimp C and Bun B, stories on the Lil Flip-T.I. fight or dealing with MTV, or the mp3s of his radio show Damage Control or the hottest singles in H-Town, there is just so much going on there. Go here and check out the recent tribute to DJ Screw on Damage Control, as it is a nice look at the man Robert Davis and his music. Most importantly, mazel tov to Matt and his wife on the birth of their second daughter, as this is wonderful news. The pics of his girls are a rare occasion when the Internet is cute and adorable, as opposed to creepy and annoying. Anyway, Houston So Real now you heard of that!

-For those into the screwed and chopped sound (and who isn't?), H-Town scene, head over to the Street Pharmacy site and download the July radio shows. DJ Yellaboy is one of the hardest working, up-and-coming DJs on the scene, and his shows are a great way to listen to this music and hear what might hit next for free. Registration to the forum is required, but easy and worth it. The Stencil was on this weeks ago.

-Finally, Futurism Ain't Shit has a similar layout to Pound for Pound, but the content is more interesting. Oh, and he's funnier. Whatever. Lots of DJ Shadow up now, but it is this post that I just had to highlight. "Big Booty Bitches" and a Diplo remix of Le Tigre? Atzanice!

Okay, all of this should give you a nice respite from all of the booty music here. I will continue to highlight sites like these ones above, as there is so much good stuff to be heard. Pound for Pound will begin its look at ghettotech now, as I have been promising for too long. I can't wait to get into it, as I have some great stuff to upload and lots of nice sources. Detroit stand up!

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