Saturday, August 20, 2005


Low Budget, Crazy Eyez Killah

In honor of the above event, I figured that I would upload this recent Low Budget production. Quite honestly, I am not sure that I could ask for a better combination than Curb Your Enthusiasm and Baltimore club. I mean, maybe big boobs and Miami bass? Pastrami on rye and screw music? Air Force 1s and Prince?

This track has been floating around the Internet for a few weeks, so I imagine that everyone has it. If not, enjoy. Low Budget puts together a song based on one of the funniest episodes of the HBO comedy, when Larry and thug rapper Crazy Eyez Killah become BFFs for a moment. Best of all, it is another sign that Low Budget is bringing his skills more and more to the production end. Check those horns, as I'm really feelin' those stabs. I can't wait for the B-more mix he is doing with Aaron LaCrate, which should be out sometime this Fall.

-Voila/tronix tonight! For all of us who have been waiting patiently for the next Hollertronix at the Ukie Club, and anyone in Philly looking for something fun tonight, this is the place to be. Hollertronix and Turntable Lab are putting together this little event tonight at the Ukie Club (847 N. Franklin St), celebrating the release of the Spankrock 12" "Put That Pussy On Me" and XXXChange/Chris Rockwell/Spankrock's Voila mix on the Money Studies label. Money Studies is the label the bols at Turntable Lab set up, and they have release some classics, most notably Hollertronix's Never Scared mix.

-Shit, it looks A Silent Flute has already beaten me to this announcement. The blogosphere has spoken. Be there or else. On a related note, I must concur with The Stencil, as ASF has been killin' it. Note to self: Pound for Pound needs to step its game up.

-Once you've copped the TTLab shit, head over and grab this amazing mix put together by Matt Shadetek, one-half of Team Shadetek. I first got up on these guys with their mix CD, WSHT: Radio Mix 2003, on Violent Turd (I might need to post a few tracks from that one), which absolutely killed me. Then, they spun before the Philly Run the Road shows at the beginning of the year, featuring Jammer, D Double E and the other grime youngsters. It was amazing to hear these American bols spinning an entire grime set, and, honestly, still is to this day. Anyway, this mix is straight fire. I feel like it's the type of mix that I would put together if I spun or had the equipment or talent to do so. Lots of grime, dancehall, hip hop, but all from the harsher, more brutal sonic spectrum. He seems more in line with dj/ rupture than, say, Ayres or Diplo, less aware of the dancefloor. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The thing that they all have in common is skills and impeccable selector status.


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