Monday, August 01, 2005

Don Omar

Don Omar, Dile

Don Omar, Dale Don Dale

Don Omar featuring Zion and Hector, Ronca

Don Omar with NORE and Fat Joe, Reggaeton Latino (remix)

I think that this might be the end of reggaeton, as I have covered most of the major players. There is still much more to say, and there are many more artists to look at, so I'm sure that I will return to this music once I have gotten my hands on more of it.

It is fitting to end with Don Omar, a.k.a. The Last Don. This album is considered another one of the classics from this burgeoning genre, and it might be my personal favorite. Don Omar, born William Omar Landron, started out as a producer, which seperates him from the other artists we have mentioned. I think that this helps put him in a class to his own, as his beats are ridiculous, avoiding the repetitive feel of much of this music.

These mp3s come from his album, The Last Don, and a few recent mixtape appearances. I had hoped to focus on the mxtape scene, with the likes of DJs Kool Kid, June et al, but I will save that for a second look at the genre. Suffice it to say, like hip hop, it is the heart of the music, getting the music to the people quickly and cheaply. However, reggaeton is incredibly hit or miss, with lots of crap on the market, the same songs on lots of CDs, and only a few DJs who can be trusted. Anyway, pay special attention to the last song, as it has become a sort of reggaeton anthem, a defining song for the genre. Enjoy these songs, and let us know if you come up with any reggaeton ish that has to be heard.

Since this is the end of reggaeton mp3s, I figured that now would be a good time to point out some great music being posted up in the blog world. Use these links as a pallette-cleansing, as it should get serve as a transition, taking you from reggaeton to ghettotech (or baile funk) here at Pound for Pound.

-First up, the King, lemon-red. I have been meaning to shout-out his site for ages now, especially in lieu of the recent redesign. I know that many of you already check his blog daily, so this is really just a reminder to head over there. Get with it, and recognize the best mp3 blog going. It's as simple as that. Bol drops songs weeks before anyone, and they are the songs that will become staples on Power 99 or obsessions for other blog geeks. In other words, his site will allow you to be the life of the party at your next hipster function or blog convention. What more could you ask for? Check it out this week, as he has up a nice overview of his style, dropping heat from Elephant Man, Vybz Cartel and DangerDoom (Dangermouse and MF Doom!) with great links.

-Go here immediately and download the Radio Clit mix for July in lemon-red's ongoing series. It's only going to be up for a little while longer, and you need to have this in your life.

-Always nice to read some new sites, and recently came across a new favorite. Get Stoopid is doing real big things, providing an invaluable resource to anyone looking to hear what's going down in the Yay Area. I have slept on the emerging scene there, and hearing the songs that Jayo has posted up makes me even more excited to dig deeper. Go here and get in on the ground floor.

-Government Names has the South on lock, making everyone else with a blog look pretty weak. The bols have some nice reviews this week, looking at Big Pokey, K-Rino, Field Mob, Pastor Troy and many others. It is a joy to read their site weekly or daily or whatever, as they talk about this music with such love and knowledge. This is the shit that dominates my listening, and their blog has been so necessary in knowing what's come before and what's coming next.

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jayo said...

hey man, thanks for the good words, ive been reading your site for a while and loving every minute of it.

summer of 2004, reggaeton became so played out here (a predominately latino neighborhood in san jose, CA). however, it did provide for some bangin parties (imagine, if you will, tiny one bedroom apartments, jam packed with people dancing to reggaeton, the ratio of hot latinas to men about 5-1). after a whole summer of literally hearing reggaeton on blast every night, i just couldnt stand anymore, until now. the tracks you have selected are excellent and have rekindled my appreciation for this genre. thanks for that, peace.