Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm Baaaack!

Cheah! Pound for Pound is back, dear reader. I apologize for the extended absence, but my personal life took precedent for the past week. Yes, I have a personal life. No really, I do. Whatever. Now, I am happy to say that things are back to normal. Or, as normal as they get for me.

I am writing from the Lower East Side tonight, whose application I am considering for the position of next Philadelphia precinct. For real, though, the LES is amazing, a paradigm for urban space, the realization of so much that Pound for Pound stands for, a site where the past, present and future mingle on a daily basis.

For those in NYC tonight, I must recommend Favela Clash 2 at Joe's Pub. That's right, a night devoted to the music of the Brazilian slums, baile funk, and the Jamaican ones, dancehall. DJ Sujinho is the main attraction, the man who dropped the baile funk mix, I Love Baile Funk, a few weeks back. It now has This one is brought to you by Roxy Cottontail, who seems to have her hand in everything good going down in downtown Manhattan. Check out her site, and find out what is coming next (the Tittsworth show on Friday is so necessary). Go here and see what the Fader guys have to say, and the Village Voice write-up on this celebration of Brazilian independence.

Check in regularly again, as I will be posting at a regular schedule. Philly talk, fantasy football ruminations, ghettotech, hell maybe even the Sujinho mix. I am sorry for the recent silence, but promise to make it up to everyone in a big way.

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McStallen said...

Let's talk fantasy football...Who the hell sets up a league and gives you a point per completino and a point per reception? Christ Jason Whitten becomes as valuable as Willis McGahee!

On a related note, that Larry Johnson pick should pay big dividends