Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Sound of Music

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Juelz Santana, There It Is (The Whistle Song)

Mariah Carey, We Belong Together

The Smiths, Accept Yourself

John Zorn, Enfant

Rich Boy (featuring Pitbull), Get To Poppin'

The day has finally come, the return of mp3s to Pound for Pound. Mark the date, make it a national holiday, celebrate people. I purchased an AirPort card earlier today, and now am sitting in a cafe writing this post. What a world! What next? A man on the moon? Steroids in baseball? America at war because of lies and more lies? Anyway, it is so nice to be back on my Mac, so sweet, so gentle, so forgiving. How anyone could use a PC is beyond me? It must have some connection to the Bush victory in 2004, and the rising level of sado-masochistic behavior in this country.

For those in Philly, I must recommend Hausbrandt, a cafe at 207 S. 15th Street (between Walnut and Locust). Good coffee and expresso, as they are the only outlet for the Hausbrandt bean in our fair city. This is a popular brand in Europe, so you know it must be good. Best of all, they offer free wireless access. Free, unlike the Starbucks across the street, you corporate whores.

Anyway, there will be a fury of posts this weekend and next week, as I now can finally upload the music to finish up my drafts. The above tracks are just some random ish to get me back in the game, like playing a few games at AA, just to get your swing back. I know that lemon-red has probably put most of this up like two years ago, but what can I do? Actually, it is a sort of frightening look at my internal soundtrack, and should give a sense of the anything-goes attitude that's been adopted here. Actually, listening to the John Zorn track from Spy vs. Spy (Zorn's tribute to Ornette Coleman), it may get me put on a watch list. Harlem to the LES, way down to Atlanta, across the ocean to Manchester, then up to whatever planet Mariah Carey came from. [Whoever guesses which song is my favorite of these 5 gets a prize, just as my bol Jayo gets for his Bob Dylan catch.]

Next, a recap of the Tribute to DJ Screw at Joe's Pub last week, with lots of songs from the various performers to make it up to my dear readers. ESG, Bun B, Grit Boys, DJ Screw and Lil O shall all make an appearance.


Scott said...

Temporary-Home Plan Announced
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RomanticSoul, provider of fantasies for all occasions!

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jayo said...

i'll respond to this post properly when i get the time, but WOW whats up with that SHADY first spam comment?!?

Jack said...


For real, that is a sketchy comment. The link takes you to a site devoted to setting up romantic getaways for couples. Are we going to be reading stories in the paper down the road about rich couples getting the newlywed suite with money intended for New Orleans' poor? I hope not. Spam is turned off now, so you'll have to go elsewhere to GET RICH NOW.

Thanks for your comments recently, as I finally realized that people were leaving them. I really appreciate it, mang.