Monday, February 28, 2005

Thomas Frank in Philly

I wanted to let everyone know that Thomas Frank, author of What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America, will be speaking in Philly tomorrow night. He is giving a speech sponsored by the Bread and Roses Community Fund at the Friends House on 15th and Cherry Sts. Go here for all the info, and here to register (no RSVPs after tonight)!!!

Frank, editor of the political/cultural journal, The Baffler, is one of the leading political thinkers in this country, the rare progressive intellectual with a national audience, and a voice that everyone should hear. His book has stirred much interest and debate, challenging the accepted political landscape of today, where liberalism is speaking only to Northeastern liberals, class is a bad word, and Republicans are the party that represents the interest of the 'little guy'.

Pound for Pound will take its cues from Frank, and take a look at the Left and its future this week. Where do we go from here, at the beginning of a second term for Bush, when Republicans control the federal government, Social Security and the New Deal are under attack, and the culture war has gained steam again? What should the Left look like? What should its priorities be? What strategy will bring us back to power?

Obviously, these are big questions, which may never be adequately answered. But, I hope to get the conversation started, get my thoughts out there, and introduce some of the people already leading the way.

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