Thursday, February 10, 2005

Puck Frinceton

Not much I can add to this story by Mike Kern. It makes up for any losses that may have occurred over the last week. It also makes up for watching the team blow a 29-3 lead my sophmore year. The comeback that Penn put on in the last seven minutes was simply awesome, as this will be a legendary game in the storied history of Penn basketball, Philly hoops and the Palestra.

This choke could not have happened to a more deserving school and student body. I dedicate this win to Donny Rumsfeld ('54), Richard Perle ('67), James Baker ('52) and Bill Frist ('74), shining examples of a Princeton education. Y'all must be so proud of your team and your distinguished alumni. Is Suddenly Susan still on?

Oh, and fuck Ralph Nader ('55), just because.

Some final words from Eric Osmundson, who keyed the second half rally: "We were just trying to find something to change the pace of the game toward us," Osmundson said. "All you can do is try to stay focused. With this team, there is a never-quit attitude. We've been through a lot. But we've grown from it. We never hung our heads. We have confidence in each other. That does a lot for you.

"We just want to win all 14 [Ivy games] and get back to the [NCAA] Tournament. That's our goal."

The bol is dropping life knowledge there, kids, touching on some our recent themes like focus, never quitting, and solidarity. So focused, boys. Bring home another banner to the Palestra. Pound for Pound hears ya, as I am getting so focused now as well. Check back for much more good stuff dropping soon.


Brendan Dugan said...

If you don't like Frinceton so much why did you hire our No. 2 as your No. 1? Next year the Ancient Eight will feel get the rivalry back that it deserves. Penn battling Cornell doesn't sound right to even Big Red alums.

Mike O'Connor said...

Yeah Dugan, fuck you and your Princeton homo buddies