Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Night Fun

Just wanted to hype up a few events in Philly tonight, which, as the kids say, should be off the hook.

First, the good folks at Philebrity, our version of Gawker, are throwing a party called Lover's Rock ("More fun than a 300 taquitos, a nitrous tank and a Lil’ Jon CD") in Old City at the Metro Lounge. I have never been there, but it sounds like a huge place with lots of cool spaces within, and hopefully the night will be able to avoid the cheese of Old City. This seems to be a Valentine's Day themed party, which should make it both awkward and desperate, the two best descriptions of my dating life. Most notably, Nick "Catchdubs" will be spinning, he of the essential blog and mixtape. Expect to hear lots of hip-hop, dancehall, 80's, basically anything that is good and induces ass-shaking. As the flier says, "If you like sex and partying and think love is funny, you’re going to adore LOVERS ROCK." Sounds just right.

Over at Silk City tonight, And Dim Sum are doing another installment of Cootie Shot, this time in honor of the holiday that shall not be named. I have been to previous versions, and this is a definite must-attend. What more can you ask for than Low Budget of Holletronix spinning, cheap PBR and High Life, and lots of girls with white belts and assymetrical haircuts? Keep thinking, as you ain't going to come up with anything. Having caught Low B last night at 700 Club, as I do every week, I can only say that one should come prepared to dance, recite lyrics at the top of your lungs and wake up the next morning smiling.

Also, I am intrigued by the event at Transit tonight called Got Love? It features only women spinning in the main room, and it features the sounds of Baby Anne from Orlando (whose new mix CD, entitled Mixtress is dropping), who will be dropping some breaks and Miami bass in her set. She is talented, gorgeous (for real) and will allows me to take my penchant for DJ crushes in a heterosexual direction.

I think that these are the best of the best, but there is lots of great stuff going on in the city, as always. Go out and have fun this weekend. If you see a guy with glasses, pointing incessantly at the DJ, talking about how unimportant Valentine's Day is while simultaneously crying, come on over and say hi, as it is more than likely me.

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