Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hump Day Fun

I normally don't do much in the middle of the week, so most of the listings I give out will be for weekend ish. But, two great events are going on Wednesday night in Philly, and I would be remiss if I did not give them a shout-out.

First, America's finest DJ, Low Budget, will be spinning at another Silk City gathering. This is guaranteed fun, as you just need to show up, drink some cheap beer (try the $3 PBR and shot of Jim Beam) and let Low B do the rest. Accompanying him tonight will be DJ Deep, who spins a mix of dancehall and bhangra (!!!). Imma try to make it down, but may have to stick to my weekly Low B Thursday night date at 700 Club. Oh, and best of all, the proceeds benefit the Kensington Welfare Rights Union, Sherri Honkala's group that has brought the ruckus in Philly for years, defending the rights of the poor and homeless in this city.

Down near South Street, Max Glazer is doing a CD release party for his new mix CD, Dancehall Classics, and the whole Federation crew will be spinning. For those that don't know, these guys have been dropping some of the hottest dancehall mix CDs and throwing some of the best parties the last few years, bringing the hottest Jamaican music to the States.

Finally, for those who want to stay in, might I suggest going here and seeing who Paris Hilton knows? I think that this story is kinda wack, as I could not imagine calling or writing these people. Why is it so cool to have her contact list? It was worth a look to see who I knew (very few, although I like that she misspelled Lior Cohen's name), but hearing this prank call to Samantha Ronson proves how many lames there are in this world. Best of all, Samantha totally turns it on dude, proving that Internet nerds should stick to the virtual world. Oh, and Samantha, holla at Pound for Pound as we got lots of love for you.

Have a good Wednesday, and check back soon as lots of posts are coming.

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