Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Next Year in Detroit

Okay, I feel the need to put some thoughts down about the Eagles and the Super Bowl, as I cannot pretend that the day never happened. I have tried, believe me, but images of the fourth quarter interception, those Patriots screen passes, the whole thing comes flooding back. Before I know it, I am crying and hiding under the bed.

I am sad, as I really believed in this team. I believed that they were the better team, destined to win it all this year. Some of it is self-pity, a feeling that I am never going to be a part of a championship celebration, standing on Broad Street, drunk on Hennessy, hugging and kissing random people. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, or something like that.

But, I also have sad feelings for the team, as they are the ones who put all of this together. I wanted this team to be the one, as they had so much character and characters. I feel for my bol Trott, who remade the team in his image, coming back from oblivion to be a Pro Bowler and the heart of the team. I feel for the vets like Dawk and Hugh who waited so long to get there, and laid the foundation for this team. I feel for Donovan, who had his worst game in ages (we still love you man), who has put up with so many idiotic, racist haters since he came in the league. They were players that we came to love, and they love us.

But, you know what, fuck all this. This was a great team, a great season and a great ride. No regrets, no tears. What makes this truly special is the fact that we can say next year at all. Is it hard to keep rooting for the same team year after year, when winning the big one does not happen? It is, but it also is a wonderful thing. There is something amazing about that ability to believe in something, to get up when you have been knocked down, to keep fighting. The tough times, the losses, the close-but-no cigar Super Bowls are painful, but just how sweet that will make it when we finally do it.

This is not over, as next year will be here before you know it. I want everyone to remember the good feeling over the last few weeks, strangers coming together for a greater purpose. I want the city to remember that ecstasy of getting over a hurdle that seemed insurmountable. I want us to do these things everyday, not just in response to our football team, as we tackle tax reform, mass transit, ethics, personal ish. This team has shown us the way, how perserverence, teamwork and courage can help you achieve great things. Let's get to work, and do big things. No time for feeling sad.

Next year in Detroit!

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Mike O'Connor said...

you jack sweet blog. you'r 100% right on with the eagles- super bowl in 2006 baby!