Friday, February 25, 2005

College Basketball Blog

I wanted to keep the basketball talk going just a little longer, as I cannot think of anything I would rather talk about in these snowy, cold days. While we will post some occasional thoughts on the game, I wanted to let everyone know about one of the best blogs out there dealing in only b-ball. It is Yoni Cohen's College Basketball Blog, which should be a daily stop for anyone interested in the greatest of games. It is an amazing resource for anyone interested in the sport, especially the college game, and it has turned into a virtual meeting place for fans. With the NCAA Tournament coming, this site should cover all your hoops needs.

This is going to be the first site I add to the blogroll over on the right, and I couldn't think of many others that deserve the honor more. Yoni is doing big things, writing College Basketball Blog with love and dedication, and I hope that one day this site will get to the same level. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

I am going to slowly add more and more sites to the Pound for Pound list, which will run the gamut from basketball to music to politics to anything else that catches my eye. I am considering doing a Pound for Pound Top 10 a la Ring Magazine, but may just stick to dividing my links list into interests and sections.

Check in frequently, as I will be dropping lots of goodness in the next few days, including a look at last Saturday's Hollertronix, a review of their most recent mix CD, a weekend events listing, some thoughts on Philly politics and some mp3 links to some great mixes and UK grime pirate radio broadcasts. Thanks to all who have checked this site out so far, and I hope to make it worth your while to make this a frequent stop.


yoni cohen :: said...


Thanks for the very kind words and the blogroll link to my site.

Much appreciated...I look forward to reading your blog and reviewing your comments and diaries on my site.

Could you please update the link to my "College Basketball blog?" My new home is

Thanks again!

Yoni Cohen, College Basketball Blog

Jack said...


I updated the link to as you asked. Let me know if things look good, as you are my first link.

Do you think that you could add me to your blogroll, as it would be nice to add some traffic here at Pound for Pound?

Thanks for checking out my site, as I hope that you will come back and add some comments here and there. I will definitely be at College Basketball blog, as this is the best time of year and your site is running things.