Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday Night Fever

Krush 2, Ghetto Jump

Prime Choice, The Beat Is Fresh

Gigolo Tony, Smurf Rock

I figured that I would throw up a quick post, as there is so much going on tonight in Philly (and elshewhere). As a bonus, I am uploading a few more Miami Bass classics, as Booty Week will move onto new things tomorrow.

-If you don't know what's going down tonight, you'll never know. Been looking forward to this, as it has been far too long. There shall be many pics up later of the Obolon madness, at least the non-incriminating ones. Holla at your bol.

-Making Time is celebrating its 5th Anniversary with a great celebration tonight, headlined by LCD Soundsystem. Transit should be the epicenter of the hipster world tonight, so get your bangs right, tighten your white belt, get your nails did, and get out to Transit.

-For the NYC crew, go check out this jump-off tonight, as Caps and Jones will most certainly have people in Willy-B wilin' out at Savalas. Great flyer, if I may say so. Fast Times indeed.

Boys From the Bottom, Boom, I Got Your Girlfriend

MC Fresh C, My Brougham

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