Monday, June 20, 2005

Some Thank Yous and a Welcome

Your bol done blown up! Pound for Pound has gotten some attention recently from the blogosphere (I'm so gangsta, I don't even care if that is a word), as traffic is way up over the past week or two. I wanted to thank a few blogs that are responsible for directing their readers here, as it means a lot to me to get props from those I respect. These are places that should be required reading for everyone, so head over and see what they are up to.

First, the good folks at So Many Shrimp have put in a good word for yours truly. I want to thank emynd, specifically, as it is an honor to know that he has found some good reading here. Go check out his blog, Schizophrenic Tenant Number 1, which is on the blogroll to the right. Both sites are wonderful examples of brilliant, passionate and engaged writing about hip-hop. By the way, dudes must get crazy traffic, as I cannot believe how many people have been referred here through their site. Make me want to step my blog game up. (Yes, I am nerd, Get over it.)

Another nice hip-hop blog, Those Two Words, has put us on the link list. Italy, stand up! That's right, kids, Italy is on the grind.While it is still in the beginning stages, I have a feeling that this is going to be a real necessary stop. Go here and get in on the ground floor.

Our post on M.I.A. from a few weeks ago got a mention over at For the "records', an amazing music blog covering everything written about music daily in the entire world. Not really, but it sure seems that way. Seriously, Michael has created an amazing resource for music fans, especially those into the genre known as indie. Go here to see what I'm talking about.

On the Philly front, your bol got a mention over at Blinq, the new blog Daniel Rubin is writing at He referenced our post on the music of the summer, reggaeton, and even dropped some quotes from my post about water ices and 40s. Rubin has created a nice site, putting the focus on Philly and all of the blog talent coming out of our here.

Finally, a shout-out to all those coming here from around the globe. I cannot tell you the thrill of reading about this site in French and Norwegian, as it makes me think that my plan to connect the cities of the world together for the revolution is coming together. The revolution won't be televised, but it will be blogged about on Pound for Pound. I hope that our international guests will leave some comments, and let us know what's going on in their cities. It would seem a nice micro-version of my goal for Philadelphia, opening itself up to the world.

I wanted to welcome the new readers who have been stopping by Pound for Pound, and as a sign of my appreciation, I am re-uploading all the songs from the past two weeks. So, if you missed these booty tracks, you are in luck. Enjoy, and check back often this week as there shall be lots of knowledge dropped.

Back on the grind, kids, back on the grind. Fully focused.


emynd said...

Yeah dude, I just recently realized that people actually come to It's pretty silly. How the heck do I find out how many people are hitting up schizophrenic tenant? I have no idea how to do all this stupid computer nerdery. Anyway, good stuff. Don't fall off like I did.


Michael said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog! You're site has some great content as well! I'll be coming back really soon.