Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Booty Week

R. Kelly, Feeling on Your Booty (Dirty South remix)

As promised, this week is Booty Week here at Pound for Pound. In trying to come up with a common theme to the songs that I have been listening to most over the past few months, booty seemed to be the common theme. It's music built on the bass, which grabs a hold of you and forces you to dance. Most of the mp3s will be obsessed with the perfection that is a woman's booty, and I do hope that it won't offend anyone. Onto the music.

Damn you, R. Kelly. Damn you for dropping a song every year or so that I can't resist. A song so good that I momentarily forget what a scum bag you are. 3 minutes that obscure the rape charges, the preying on young women in order to demean and degrade them, and the abuse that you get off on. Above, check the latest heat on Pound for Pound, as this is the Dirty South remix to R Kelly's "Feeling on Your Booty". Dedicated to Marin Feldman.

-I can think of no better way to kick off Booty Week than with a warning to this country, a country which has lost its way in terms of the booty. A great democracy exalts its women and their real bodies, and does not force them to look like famine victims. Honestly, when I saw this picture, I did not believe that it was really the same girl from. What happened to that jawn with the boobs and butt that we all know and loved? Hollywood, Pound for Pound will not tolerate this. You have been warned. [Via DJ Benzi]

-I can think of no musical event that less fits the theme of this week than Live 8, as it was announced late last week that Philly would serve as the sole American host along with many European cities. For those that don't know, Live 8 is an attempt to redo the epic Live Aid shows from 1985, when the rock music world came together to call attention to African starvation and suffering. This time around, Bob Geldof and company hope to put the pressure on the G-8 nations meeting in Geneva at the same time, calling for them to forgive the debt of Third World nations.

While the thought of Bono and the Dave Matthews Band playing makes my testicles recede into my body, this is a great honor for the city. It is especially gratifying that the city was chosen over NYC and D.C., as I am not sure that would have been the case even 10 years ago.

-The Benjamin Franklin Parkway, where Live 8 and so much more will take place on the Fourth of July weekend, was the focus Sunday, as well. The 2005 Wachovia U.S. Pro Championship went down in Philadelphia on a perfect day. Check this nice piece out by Bob Ford, discussing how well Philly came off.

-It's seems like just yesterday I was lauding the NBA Playoffs and the return to real basketball. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Instead of Shaq and Dwayne Wade, Steve Nash and Amare Stoudamire, we get the annoyance of Larry Brown, the blandness of Tim Duncan and the train wreck that is two defensive-minded, poor shooting teams slugging it out. While I love my bol Sheed, I cannot stomach seeing Larry Brown win another championship, after bailing on the Sixers when they were ready to rebuild. Plus, everyone knows that I have a thing for Argentinian men.

-R.I.P. George Mikan.

-Finally, for my NYC peeps, there is absolutely no excuse for not being at this show tonight at Rothko on the LES. Diplo and Spankrock together would be essential, but add in DJ Marlboro and you have an epic one. Marlboro is the DJ from Brazil who has been so pivotal in the baile funk music that has caught everyone's attention over the last few years. More to come on this ish, but I cannot recommend highly enough this night. Get to Rothko, and check back here tomorrow for more fun.

What the hell, here is a treat for the 5 people reading this blog to the end. The final installment of the Trapped in the Closet series, R.Kelly's 5 part song that really does nothing for me except confirm what a creepy guy he is.

R. Kelly, "Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 5)"

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