Friday, June 10, 2005

(Miami) Bass is the Place

DJ Shadow, Miami Bass set on Radio 1, UK (9/9/98)

It don't stop at Pound for Pound, as I am going to try to make up for recent absences in a big way. So focused right now, and I hope that my readers are enjoying the fruits of this focus. Anyway, more Miami bass, as I know that the kids love it. Plus, the overwhelming response in the comments section almost forces me to bring the goods. By "overwhelming", of course I mean non-existent.

Above is a Miami Bass set by the one, the only, Josh Davis, a.k.a. DJ Shadow. It is a 28 minute set from September 8, 1998 on John Peel's radio show (I think), that gives a great overview of the genre, while also showcasing Shadow's skills as a DJ. I can think of no better intro to the music than this one, taking everyone through the classics and lesser-known gems.

-Shadow is not only good on the 1s and 2s, evidenced by this wonderful piece in Grand Royal magazine, the magazine the Beastie Boys and friends put out in the early 1990s. He gives his own take on the history of Miami Bass and its influence on West Coast hip hop.

-Go here to check out the official site for Maggotron and DXJ, legendary Miami Bass artists. Still active and spreading the Bass message, it offers everyone a chance to buy and listen to lots of music. I especially like 'Maggitunes', which offers listeners an opportunity to get mp3s and give their money directly to the artist.

-This one's for the ladies. While you may not be able to genetically have an orgasm, at least you won't have to wait in long lines when you have to pee!

-Can someone please explain to me why this is happening? Why is Apple switching to Intel chips? It appears that I was not the only one surprised, which makes me feel better. Go here to see the reaction from the Mac community, and be very scared of how obsessive we are. Go here for lots of links dealing with this stunning news. This commentary by Charles Cooper struck me the most, as he seems confident in this move for Mac users in the long-term. Programmers also seemed excited, although I am not sure that things are quite as simple as the article's title suggests.

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is "How will this effect Pound for Pound?" I feel confident that things will remain the same here, as the Powerbook is doing fine and your bol is firing on all cylinders.

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