Monday, June 13, 2005

Before There Was Crunk

"Crunk really got started in Miami, with bass music. Crunk ain't nothin' but bass music slowed down." -Pitbull

Splack Pack, Scrub Da Ground

Clay D, That Booty In There

Big Boy, Off the Chain

This seems like the perfect time, in the midst of Booty Fortnight, to highlight a new CD out entitled Before There Was Crunk. It is a wonderful compilation highlighting the music that bridges the gap between Miami Bass, the music we have looked at for the last few days, and crunk, the music that has . Two essential Southern musics. It features mainly unknown names and songs, ones that were classics down South but never got much attention anywhere else. Listen to the tracks above and you will quickly here the template for Lil Jon, and it won't be heard to understand why Trillville, Trick Daddy, Petey Pablo et al run the clubs everywhere now. Hell, if the horns comin' in on the Big Boy track don't make you wanna dance or beat someone up or start a fucking riot, you dead motherfucker. Go here and buy a copy, as it is a great pickup. It ain't just a good and necessary history lesson, but music that sounds fresh and new today.

-M.I.A. and Diplo at Transit tonight!!! I have been waiting for this show for weeks now, ever since her first show at the Ukie Club. TA, MC and I are headed to 6th and Spring Garden tonight, and I am sure a recap and pics by MC will make it here in a few days. Go buy Arular here. Check out this preview of the show in Philadelphia Weekly, as it is spot on, calling out all the haters who can't stand to see success or hype that is deserved. There were still some tickets left early this afternoon according to the promoter, R5 Productions, so head to Transit and get in before it's too late.

-In lieu of the recent news of Live 8, it was a surprising, and nice, story to see that the G-8 nations agreed to wipe out $40 billion of African debt. While it is not perfect, it is a good start.


Gnou said...

SoManyShrimp sent me! HAR HAR HAR!

Bootsdafa said...

man, discovering your blog just made my rainy nyc day. biggggupppssss

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i came from the shrimp! good shit here but whats up wit the .m4a extension??