Thursday, June 09, 2005

Miami Bass

MC Shy D, Yes Yes Y'all

Gucci Crew II, Sally (That Girl)

DJ Magic Mike, Rock The Funky Beat

Time to bring it back to the roots, the music that influenced so much of what people are dying to hear, in particular baile funk, ghetto tech and crunk. The foundation of Booty Week, Miami Bass music attempted to reconfigure hip-hop by focusing on the bass, the woman's booty and the 808 drum machine. It also brought out a nasty, dirty side to hip-hop, unafraid to talk about sex, women, getting high and having fun in general.

I came to this music over the last few years, mainly through tracing the roots of crunk music and its producers like Lil Jon and David Banner. It really has had a huge influence on contemporary music, from ghetto tech to house to hip-hop. Bass struck me immediately, bringing me music that was fun and creative and different. It had none of the pretentiousness or "consciousness" of East Coast hip-hop, which takes itself and its ideas too seriously. It was music for the dancefloor, and it was wonderful to come across music that was so dirty, so fun, so alive. I hate to write these boring ass, academic words, as it takes away from the sheer excitement and visceral energy of the music. Listen to the songs above, and check back over the next few days for more tunes.

There will be more on all of this tomorrow, focusing on the Miami Bass legends and defenders of the 1st Amendment, 2 Live Crew.

-Here is the best history I could find, put together by Pappa Wheelie for D*I*R*T*Y. It is an amazing look at the development of Miami Bass, its main artists, its influences and its future. Best of all, he gives a wonderful discography at the end for anyone looking to really dig into the music. I'm sure that I will return to these songs down the road, as there is so much I have not heard.

-Check out a Miami Bass history by Papa Wheelie, entitled "The Rise and Fall of Miami Bass." (So William Shirer-y. Love it) Part 1 is here, and Part 2 here.

-The 100 greatest Miami Bass songs

-Here is a nice thread on Miami Bass at Dissensus, a wonderful forum for music, politics and art. Sadly, it appears to have gone the way of the dodo bird and underground hip-hop.

-Finally, join this Yahoo group, Miami_Bass_History, devoted to the music, as it is a wonderful resource for the hardcore and neophytes alike.

-The Phillies made a big trade yesterday, acquiring reliever Ugueth Urbina for Placido Polanco. I think that it's a good deal, as the team clearly needed another arm in the bullpen. Ed Wade acted quickly, and addressed the team's biggest need, something that he has not done in previous seasons. Plus, it's hard to argue with dealing Polanco. He's a good player, but he was the best chip they had to offer. The team is rolling right now, but what does this mean? Ken Rosenthal believes that they are contenders, but takes the right view in waiting for the team to prove themselves as winners. No more excuses.

-Good news, fellas. I have always insisted to women that I take no responsibility in their ability to have an orgasm. It's nice to finally have science back up my inadequacies and selfishness.

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