Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What Y'all Know About Dem Texas Boys

I saw this quote in the Daily News article yesterday on the Eagles' defense, which has been playing so well since the Steelers game. Of course, the insertion of my favorite player Jeremiah Trotter as the starting middle linebacker made all the difference. The article focuses on the key to this Vikings game, and why I think that the Eagles will win. The defense has been excellent all season, but it has been suffocating since Trotter came in. Their philosophy on avoiding big plays is a great strategy against the Vikings, who rely on the big play to Moss and the receivers to succeed.

Anyway, let Michael Lewis tell you what you don't know about them Texas boys: "We had a guy in there with a voice, who demanded your best on every play. Somebody you had to answer to on every play," Lewis said. "He just forced us, basically, to step up our play out there. As soon as he got in there, he made plays. You're going to listen to a guy who's out there making plays, giving it his all every play, taking on a lineman so you can make a play. A guy like that, who's going to play like it's the last down he's ever going to play, you're going to listen to."

So focused.

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