Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tell that bitch to be cool! Say, bitch be cool!

This post is directed at all the annoying losers who spend their year worrying and complaining about the Eagles, who equate the city and its image with this team, who call and rant on WIP, who make going to games such an unpleasant experience of drunkenness and obnoxiousness. Please listen to the words of my man Jules from Pulp Fiction and take his advice. Bitch be cool, enjoy this season and the winning, the thrill of a chance to win the Super Bowl. Everything is going to be fine this Sunday, so show some quiet confidence and dignity.

If you can't get behind the words of a fictional character, listen to some of the players who will take care of business at 3 PM on Sunday afternoon.

First, from Sam Donnellon's perfectly titled article, Don't Ever Doubt the D: "All the people who are paranoid?" safety Brian Dawkins said. "Have a good time. We're not playing that game."

In the same article, the key player for this game and the key difference from last year's team: "Personally, I was tired about hearing how we had taken too much rest, that we had too much time off," said the Freak, defensive end Jevon Kearse. "Or what certain coaches would or would not do with their players. This game is played between the players, and on the field."

Finally, BDawk drops some more knowledge, comes up with a good slogan, and refutes all of the Philly negativity in a single quote from Rich Hoffmann's piece: With that, Hell Week for Philadelphia fans officially began. In the Eagles' locker room, though, safety Brian Dawkins was saying, "When we stay loose, we're lethal."

All of us Eagles fans need to calm down, take a deep breath, and show some confidence for once. This is a new city and a new attitude is there. It needs to get through the established one that this city is just never good enough, always a bridesmaid never a bride, and . That might have worked during the hideous Rizzo and Goode years, but now it just seems like a relic, a default position for all of the cowards who ran from the city decades ago and those left behind. It might be the biggest barrier that prevents us from assuming our place as a world-city, far greater than the wage tax and underfunded mass transit and a lack of political ethics.

So, let this be your opportunity to adopt the new attitude that has taken hold of this city, particularly with those too young or too new to know the way things have been or are supposed to be. As my boy Bobby D. sang, "Your old road is rapidly agin'./Please get out of the new one/If you can't lend your hand/For the times they are a-changin'." They are, my fellow Philadelphians, and now is the time to change or be left behind.

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