Tuesday, January 18, 2005

In Trott We Trust

Okay, last Eagles post, I promise. I had to acknowledge the monster game of one of the inspirations of this blog, Jeremiah Trotter. My bol raised havoc for the Vikings, finishing with 5 tackles, 2 assists, one intereception, half of a sack and 2 passes defended. Perhaps his most important play came early in the game when he laid a smackdown on Randy Moss coming across the middle. The two men had a few words for each other, but one sees now that Trotter's message came across louder and clearer. Moss did not venture in the middle much more, and seemed to disappear for the most part.

After the game, Derek Gunn had the key quote for me, which neatly sums up why I am confident in this team and expect a win on Sunday. He reported what Jeremiah Trotter said to him before the game. "If I have to kill someone," Number 54 said, "we're getting to the Super Bowl." The best part is that this does not sound like a joke out of this bol's mouth, as one imagines him sticking a shiv in Vick under the pile if that's what it takes to get this team to the promised land. Put your faith and trust in this man, the heart and soul of the defense, and know that things are going to be alright.

Atlanta, things are really real now. We are all following this man. Be scurred, be very scurred.

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Brendan Dugan said...

"Jeremiah Trotter from THE Steven F Austin University" The best thing to come out of East Texas since the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues!