Thursday, January 06, 2005

Round One

I want to welcome the readers of this blog, as I hope that I can live up to the title and become pound for pound the best blogger in the world. I had originally conceived this as a boxing blog, a chance for me to talk about the fight game, upcoming fights, its vast problems, etc. But, instead, I am going to use this as a place for me to discuss all of the topics that make the world interesting to me, like music, sports, politics and books.

One focus will be cities, a topic that is near and dear to my heart, which touches on all of the topics listed above. I want to use this as a place to discuss, think about and revel in the urban centers that have been abandoned and maligned by this country. Those who know me, know that there is one city that is my one true love, Philadelphia. I want to add my voice at this pivotal time in Philly's history, addressing some of the issues that need change, while simultaneously hyping all of the great people, places, building and events here. On an even grander scale, I hope that this site can serve as a counterweight to the negative thinking on cities in general. While Philly is the main focus, I hope that this can become a forum for a discussion and defense of the city in general, a defense of the greatest places on earth like NYC or SF or Baltimore or Boston or Chicago.

Typically, this was a long-winded attempt to write something brief. Get used to it, as I do not believe in going from point A to point B. I will begin making some posts in the next few days, with my initial focus being on the SEPTA mass transit crisis and the City Hall corruption scandal. Two chances for the city to move into the 21st Century on key issues, helping us become a leader, a place that inspires its citizens and outsiders.

It won't be all serious all the time. I will occasionally look at my sneaker obsession, which is both embarrassing and vaguely feminine. Occasionally I may use this as therapy, discussing my need to get a girlfriend or stop staying out so late, where you might be able to see the tracks of my tears. Or perhaps a look at my tension with radical feminism, stemming from my weak sense of masculinity. Other times, I may get into my gay crush on Topher Grace (no homo). I will also most certainly lighten things up with some music talk about all of the sounds in hip-hop, grime, dancehall, indie rock that have excited my ears, helped fill up my iPod and got me to shake it like a salt shaker.

I hope that you will enjoy what you read here, and check out the links that I set up for the far more talented people writing and doing their thing in the blogosphere. They are truly the best pound for pound and worth checking out daily. Please send along any comments you might have, as I would love the feedback.

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