Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pure Dork Week

I was searching for a new focus for this upcoming week, something to provide the structure of these posts. It seeemed futile until a wonderful man by the name of Anonymous, the greatest of the Internet cowards, stopped by and put me in my place. He called me out as a "pure dork," which caused some real soul-searching. Was I a dork? Was I such a dork that this person felt that I was 100%, uncut dork?

The answer is a simple yes. I checked with MC and she concurred, noting my penchant for reading academic journals and underlining important passages, my excitement over nice leather on a pair of old Air Force 1s and my addiction to sudoku. My first reaction was denial, as I refused to admit that I was no better than, say, Louis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowell. I mentioned my love of boxing and my past sports-playing days, even making up some shit about how into cars and fishing I am.

However, when I got home and found myself watching Charlie Rose and reading Dissent magazine for fun, I moved beyond denial into acceptance. This week is dedicated to furthering that acceptance, to coming to terms with my nerdiness, my wackness, my pure dorkness if you will. We shall focus on various parts of my dork character this week, starting with books, touching on comic books, urban theory, architecture, graphic design, chess, and ending up on the cinema. I'm not going to hide anymore, I'm gonna let my geek flag fly this week. Yeah!

-Before we get into all of this nerdology, I do want to comment on the Mosley-Vargas fight from this past weekend. I am very happy to see Sugar Shane put a great fight together finally, after a few disappointing years. He has always been one of my favorite fighters to watch, an at- times breathtaking combination of speed and power. More importantly, he has always been a good citizen, a good guy who works hard and treats the sport with respect, a rare commodity indeed. I am looking forward to seeing Mosley get a shot at some of the big names out there, a last chance to claim the glory that so many predicted for him after he defeated Oscar de la Hoya. I wish him the best as he is one of the good guys in sport.

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