Friday, February 03, 2006

How Soon Is Now

The Smiths, How Soon Is Now?

TATU, How Soon Is Now?

How soon is now? Oh, Morrissey, you sensitive thug, you gloriously coiffed man, how you play with my head and my heart. One of the all-time great songs from one of the all-time great singers ever. No arguments, none at all.

I have spent the week with the Smiths' music, and really had to say something about them. I promise to get to the Grateful Dead over the weekend, and booty music once we move the site, but for now, let me be a fanboy, let me not pretend to be a thug or tough guy for one day. Let me admit that I cry when I listen to "I Know It's Over." Let me be.

Here is a cover version of "How Soon Is Now" by everyone's favorite teenage Russian lesbians (at least my favorite), TATU. This is a part of Pound for Pound's attempt to revel in the joys of pop detritus, those three-minute songs that burrow their way into our brains and make a home. I must thank EC for the recommendation, as this gem slipped past my music net a few years ago. She is also responsible for getting me back into a Smiths mindset, the greatest gift of all.

-How soon is the weekend? It's here, motherfuckers. Philly, tonight The Teeth are playing at the North Star Bar (Brewerytown, stand up!), and the Pop-off Shack pops off at the Metro Lounge with Low B and Brendan Bring'em. Brooklyn, the Rub is tonight at Southpaw. Manhattan, The Juan McLean is at the Bowery Ballroom with Tim Sweeney and Kudu.

-Another great Philly blog? You got it. Check out this newest addition to the links list on the right, Blackmail is My Life, which has a nice new non-blogger site and lots of mp3s and smart talk. Huge props for the Carl Stalling reference, although unfortunately he took down the mp3s of Stallings' brilliant music for the Looney Tunes cartoons. Again, another excellent blog covering all sorts of topics and musics (more music).

-Think good, busty thoughts this weekend.

-Or think disturbing, crazy, unbelievable ones. How about the middle daughter on Full House, Stephanie Tanner (real name Jodie Sweetin), and her meth addiction (!?!)? [Via the one and only MC]

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blackmail is my life said...

Quelle surprise! Thx for the compliments. Right now I'm buried beneath dental bills and prog rock, but I'll get back on track shortly. I should be finished with Hasek's The Good Soldier Schweik later tonight and will have a thing or two to say about world lit and political novels (and my ignorance of both until very recently.)