Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back Pages for Everyone

Bob Dylan, Back Pages 1961-1995 (unlimited downloads)

I've gotten some background to the music I posted on Sunday, and wanted to update that post. Here is the link that was sent to me by a brilliant reader and Dylan fan, ML, and the relevant info behind this music:


Submitter: Anonymous
When Added: 12/8/2004

" Hi: I have it on good authority that this collection was not made from any existing CD, but was rather compiled from P2P downloads available prior to Aug. 2001 (the “Hoecake Records” attribution found in the ID3 tag of some files notwithstanding), and consists of studio outtakes and live material recorded between 1961 and 1996. It’s my understanding that the file was created largely as an experiment of sorts. First, to see how difficult it was to “clean up” the sound of bootleg MP3s (I hear that some proved more difficult than others—depending on the amount of noise and distortion present in the original source material—and that “I’m Not There (1957)” was especially challenging). Secondly, I’m told that the file was originally posted in late summer 2001 a) to see how fast an original file spread via P2P networks (the answer: very fast), and b) to share some excellent unreleased material with other Dylan fans. Evidently, each track was first converted to a WAV file and individually edited using Cool Edit Pro prior to being converted back to MP3 and combined into a single file. The complete track list on file I have is as follows: In the Evening Farewell Blowing in the Wind Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag Lonesome Whistle Blues It's All Right Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Like a Rolling Stone (Newport, 1965) Seems Like a Freeze-Out (early version of “Visions of Johanna” with the Band) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues I'm Not There (1957) Sign on a Window Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (NYC, 1974) She Belongs to Me All Along the Watchtower Simple Twist of Fate Blind Willie McTell Desolation Row Hope y’all get the chance to enjoy it! "

That answers most of the questions I had, and gives me the go-ahead to post this up and share the music as much as possible. I must again recommend everyone download, even if you don't think you are the biggest Dylan fan ever. It's a beautiful document, an amazing retrospective of the man and some of his greatest songs.

Pure Dork Week will get rolling tomorrow, so stop by for some book talk.


wildflower seed said...

Lovely! Thanks.

random said...

File has been deleted.
Any chance of a RE-UP?
I found your blog thru ExpectingRain but, alas, their file to has been deleted.


I enjoyed your blog