Monday, January 23, 2006

200 Pound Tumor, the Half Ton Man and Other People Who Make Me Feel Better About Myself

We're working on a few behind-the-scenes things here at Pound for Pound, which means that the next week or so is going to be a little random: some links and some songs from all over the map. We're going to try to take this blog to the next level, so I ask for some patience as we take some steps to do that. We will be taking care of your booty music needs again before you know it.

In the meantime, might I recommend that you check out a cable station called Discovery Health? It's stunning, putting on astonishing programs on a daily basis. In the span of a few weeks, I have seen two people with tumors that weighed more than 150 lbs. TWO people, for chrissakes! The first one was the story of a 120-pound woman who had a 200-pound tumor that engulfed her body below the chest. The second woman, from Romania, developed a 175-pound tumor, which left her just short of the world record. Both women survived, and their tumors now host shows on Fox News.

The remaining cast of characters includes the half-ton man (the fattest man ever), the 750-pound man, kids born without skin, kids born with hair all over their faces like werewolves, and many people getting consmetic surgery to get better noses, faces, boobs and whatnot. I'll put that cast up against Jack Bauer, some desperate housewives and every American Idol. This week: "Mermaid Baby", "Living With Half a Body", "Born Without a Face" and "Born With Two Heads".

Check out this channel, if you have it. It's nice to see Discovery Health adopting my attitude, first presented in a review of Breaking Bonaduce, that the best TV is the kind that makes me feel better about my own pathetic, horrible life.

-I'm going to come with all sorts of topics and links over the next week, covering everything from Roe v. Wade to French rap to reggaeton to boxing. We're all over the place, but in a good way.

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Holy crap, it's like a carny sideshow beamed into your home!