Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Year Ahead for Pound for Pound (a.k.a. Happy 1st Birthday, Nerd!)

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The Future's so bright here, you better wear shades. You've been warned.

It's hard to believe, but this week marks the 1st Anniversary of Pound for Pound. I started this blog a year ago for no discernible reason, just the inkling that I had something to say and contribute beyond banal commentary on big topics. It has taken a year, but I feel that things are starting to come together here, that I am starting to find a distinct voice.

In the next few weeks, you will notice lots of changes here, all of which are intended to make this a more valuable resource for people and an easier and more attractive place to visit. The main change will involve having permanent server space, which will enable me to post mp3s for a longer period of time and for an unlimited number of downloaders. I also hope to improve the design of the site, as I move it from the limited blogger template to something of my own creation. There are other ideas still in the embryonic stage, but let's just say that I'm working on big things, real big things.

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who has visited the site over the past year, from my friends to my regular readers to those looking to find out more about "Wilt Chamberlain penis size." It has been nice to know that people find what I am saying and uploading interesting, and a real treat to meet some good people. On that front, feel free to contact me at the email above, over AIM (jdschone) or at my myspace page (unless you are a girl with a webcam, enough already). I hope to keep adding great links to our list, as there really is a limitless number. We gonna make this an empire, manifest destiny, cheah!

Finally, I want to thank MC for all of her editing, her feedback, her support, and mostly, for inspiring me to do this and everything. This blog came into focus around the same time she came into my life, and I don't think that is any coincidence. I look forward to seeing what 2006 holds, that's about all I can say.

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