Friday, January 13, 2006

The Clipse-We Got It For Cheap Vol. 2

The Clipse, We Got It For Cheap Vol. 1

The Clipse, We Got It For Cheap Vol. 2

No surprise here, as this is the mix of the year for most people. Sasha has it at #13 on his best of 2005 list, Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage has eloquently hyped this album since its release. If those names don't sell you, maybe I can. Okay, okay, just let me talk anyway.

Both volumes of We Got It For Cheap served as definitive statements for Clipse, the VA rap duo that dropped Lord Willin' a few years back and enjoyed the beats of the Neptunes. Can you believe that it has been 3 years since "Grindin'" dropped? Me either. While it is a travesty that label troubles have prevented them from dropping more music, hearing these two mixes make the wait well worth it.

The drug stories are back, the beats are more varied, some Philly bols have been added to the crew. However, more than anything, it's the lyrics that make this so unbelievable. I love their album, but I just wasn't ready for these two to put out such unbelievable examples of word play and boasts and coke stories. In some ways, the Clipse seem like the perfect melding of South and East, bringing the laid-back drawl, drug tales and trap or die mentality to the lyrical prowess that defined the East Coast at its best. Gang Starr mixed with UGK. In a sense, the best of both worlds. Now, if they could just find a label to put out another album, for g-dsakes!

-Speaking of getting it for cheap, head here and grab the DFA Radio mixes of 2005, 3 volumes of stuff mixed by James Murphy (a.k.a. LCD Soundsystem) and Juan McLean. Rad.

-Or head here and grab the Optimo No Wave mix put together by JD Twitch. For real, this is a great mix to hear some stuff that maybe hasn't been on your radar, covering that period in the early 80s when new wave turned dark. I really hope that I can get into this music, back when punk and hip hop and electronic mixed and mingled. Keep your eye on the Optimo site, as these guys are crazy busy, putting together the Hang the DJ series, the Optimo party and mashup madness.

-Or head here and check out the new podcasts that Radioclit have put up. I love Radioclit, and cannot recommend more highly their mixes, which go from the sappiest of pop to the dirtiest of rap. The good things in life, in other words.

-A sale at ALife Rivington Club for all those looking to get their kicks for less cash, starting next Thursday and lasting through the weekend. Head to the LES, and cop something nice. [Via Slam X Hype]

-Okay, we are at the end of the road, one more left in our end of year mixtape countdown. The ball is about to drop, can you guess who is the #1? Check in Monday to find out.


CamStarr said...

can i be so bold as to ask for a reup on vol.1?? vol.2 has me hooked and vo.1 could be my fix.

Tom said...

RE-UP!!! (please...)