Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Weekend Update with Pound for Pound

Every now and then there is a weekend that is chock full of happenings, and I feel it imperative that I acknowledge the goodness.

-It's hard to believe, but yes, I am hyping a show, I Have A Dream 2006, at one of New York City's mega-clubs, Roxy, known for its star DJs, clubbing til the next morning, and a general scene that repulses me. However, if you read the flier above closely, DJ Assault and DJ Funk are spinning a dual set this night. That's right, two of the patron saints of Pound for Pound are performing together for one night. Assault and Funk have brought booty music to the forefront in Detroit and Chicago, respectively. Ghettotech and ghetto house owe everything to these two originals, as does this blog. This is a rare East Coast appearance, and even rarer joint one, so needless to say, it's an essential night.

-For those in Philly tomorrow night, I cannot recommend more highly the Killsound event at Waxbar. While it is mainly a showcase for drum and bass music (!?!), the reason to go is the Philly debut of Caps and Jones, two of the best young DJs anywhere. I have heard them spin a few times, consider their Moving In Stereo one of the best mixes I have ever heard, and just generally predict big things for the duo. Philly, head out and give these guys a nice welcome, as playing Philly means they have hit the big time for real. I hope that this is just the first of many more appearances in the Illadelph. Killsound looks like it's going to take over Sundays, FYI.

-I can't forget about Saturday night, as there's much popping off. Reagan Disko Headache holds down The Khyber. If you don't know about this one, it's consistently one of the best, most adventurous parties in the city. Ron Morelli and friends cover all sorts of ground, from electro to post-punk to booty.

-Again, I need to recommend The Pop-off Shack jawn at The Metro Lounge in Northern Liberties. I really believe that this weekly will achieve epic status- two floors of fun, huge space, some of the best Philly DJs. What more could you ask for?

-Unfortunately, one of those DJs will not be there this week, as Low Budget is involved in an amazing night at Supreme Trading in Brooklyn. The Juan MacLean of DFA Records fame will be there, along with Low B, DJ Ayres and a slew of other DJs.

-Finally, the Walnut Room (1709 Walnut Street) is hosting a 12-week Sunday night showcase for some of the greatest Philly DJs of all-time. This Sunday is King Britt, the house/downtempo/hip hop superstar.

-People, if you have an event going on or are DJing somewhere, holler at your bol. I'm always up for helping promote cool events, as it makes me feel like I am a creative person doing big things. Let your bol live vicariously, send in listings!

-In lieu of the title of this post, I have to link to this video from a recent Saturday Night Live skit that I am guessing everyone has seen. It's called "The Chronic of Narnia", and it is the funniest thing I may have ever seen on SNL, especially since Will Ferrell left. I don't watch the show, but this video does have me wondering if it has returned to funny after the dark years of Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz and Tracey Morgan.

-#1 on Monday, people. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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