Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 In Da House

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and say that I hope that everyone is recovered from the festivities of the past few days. I am so excited for 2006, as it is a going to be a big year, I do believe. It has been so long (i.e. my entire life), since I last looked forward to the start of a new year.

A big part of this excitement is a direct result of Pound for Pound, and the changes that are in store here. More details to come, although we are really just trying to make the site look better and be more valuable as a source of music. The content will stay the same, with the focus on booty music and all that it has wrought, cities, politics, defense of hipsters. I really hope that we bring in many new readers, and that we will continue to entertain and interest our old readers.

The rest of this week will be a look back on 2005, as I'mma list my favorites from the year past. A novel idea, I know. But, to make up for this played-out concept and self-aggrandizing gesture, I will come bearing gifts. I'll be uploading my favorite mixtapes of the year, the top 5 probably, which should bring all the boys to the yard. From there, we will return to the age-old question: Miami bass vs. DJ Screw. It is a question that has plagued intellectuals and scholars for years, and Pound for Pound plans to answer it in 2006.

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