Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Williams - Love On A Real Train

Williams - Love On A Real Train

Williams, "Love On A Real Train (Williams Odyssey mix)" (YSI link)

Williams, "Love On A Real Train (Version By Studio)" (YSI link)

I spent the night working on a cosmic mix. Two points: 1) Happy birthday to JH-B, the recipient of said mix! A Cosmic Birthday, yeah! 2) I'm in a cosmic state of mind. So, here's a phenomenal track from early this year, Williams' "Love On A Real Train," released on Love Triangle Music. While that label specializes in tech-house, this one fits in so nicely with the new disco scene that has developed over the past 5 years or so, that space-y, stretched out music that is the best thing going today imo.

I spent part of last night hearing some great NYC DJs like Mr. James Friedman, Ms. Louisahhh!!!, Mr. Cocco and Ms. Jess Jubilee spin tech-electro-house all night at The Delancey until the speakers couldn't take it. Fun night and great tunes, but it only served to reinforce that my head is just in a different place now. All I wanted was a nice, slow-burning song to come out of the ether, something that slowly fucked with my ears rather than having them bombarded. These two remixes for "Love On A Real Train" fit that bill, unfolding slowly but surely for those who have patience. Williams redid his own song with his Odyssey mix and he's done well again. This one raises the pressure, while keeping the sounds the same. It makes for a more dancefloor ready song and yet somehow it doesn't feel rushed either. Sweden's Studio turn in a sick remix, adding in some rad flamenco-y guitar action that makes me feel like I am on some Spanish beach waiting for the sun to go down. There's also a way funkier bass here that gives things a little more oomph. Awesome.

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rachsky said...

Although I appreciate this cosmic (celestial) mix, if you do not update this shit soon I will be forced to remove myself as a follower and will therefore succeed from the pound for pound fan club. This is not a threat, but a request. Thank you.

Tae Gyun said...

well let me give you some new stuff instead :)