Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bionic Boogie - Hot Butterfly

Bionic Boogie - Hot Butterfly

Bionic Butterfly, "Chains" (YSI link)

Bionic Butterfly, "Cream (Always Rises To The Top)" (YSI link)

Bionic Butterfly, "Fess Up To The Boogie" (YSI link)

Let's kick the week off with some great disco tunes and some of Larry Levan's favorites from the year 1979. Bionic Butterfly either have the worst name ever or the greatest, I have not made up my mind. I do know that in their short career, they dropped three LPs including this amazing one, Hot Butterfly. This is just joyous disco music that you need in your life. Yes? Yes!

Check out "Cream (Always Rises To The Top)" and experience the magnificence of this music. That bass is so big and so deep, it will make you funky and cool by osmosis. This one's got some great vocals, including a goody sounding guy talking about private parts at one point. "Chains" is my favorite, an uplifting rager that goes from 0-60 in one second. This one's ready to go right from the starter's gun. It's got another massive bassline, some horn bursts, great lyrics about going for love, drums right up front and lots of soaring vocals. Awesome stuff. "Fess Up To The Boogie" gets the award for best song title, another great track, similar vibe and structure as the other two. When you do it so well, why fuck around with experiments? They do add in a really deep horn, perhaps a tuba or bass saxophone? Whatever it is, it's nice and gives a great low end to the tune.

Okay, much more to come. Disco! Yeah!

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