Monday, October 06, 2008

Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power

Jamie Jupitor

Jamie Jupitor, "Computer Power"
(YSI link)

Jamie Jupitor, "Computer Power (instrumental)" (YSI link)

No better way to start the week than with a classic slab of West Coast electro, so let's get to work. Jamie Jupitor is one of those aliases that comes out of the ether to drop one track and then returns back to outer space, Jupiter apparently, his job done, minds blown, electro victorious. The story behind Jupitor is a tough one to follow. This is lone 12" was written, produced and arranged by The Egyptian Lover, in the ensuing two decades, he has decided to clean up the spelling of his last name, becoming Jamie Jupiter and touring with EL. This one was released in 1984 on Egyptian Empire Records, and would amazingly be the only release by Jupitor, outside of a few remixes.

We shouldn't complain, as we are lucky to have "Computer Power" as dude probably couldn't top thi. It captures that perfect futuristic sound that bubbled up in the early 80s, where computers and machines took the lead. As Jupitor says here, "Computers are the future world, we program for the boys and girls, there's nothing we don't understand, we're smarter than the normal man...Computer power!" What intrigues me most about this music is how uplifting technology seemed in those early days; despite the coldness of the drums and minimalism of it all, there's an uplifting melody and a real attempt to avoid the feeling that technology would turn us all into automatons and make the world into a scene from Metropolis. The instrumental on the flip side might be even better, letting you hear the music without the vocodered voice or Jupitor.

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