Monday, October 20, 2008

Ashley Beedle - Dance and Shake Your Tambourine

Ashley Beedle

Inner City Express, "Dance and Shake Your Tambourine (Beedle's Heavy Disco edit)" (YSI link)

Disco edits! Yeah! We did a post last week on "Dance and Shake Your Tambourine," the tune covered by the Universal Robot Band. The original by Inner City Express is hard to come by, but thankfully the master Ashley Beedle decided to drop an edit for the world to experience the original.

Beedle is one of those dudes who always has his hand in great music without becoming an ubiquitous figure. He was a part of the rave-y X-Press 2, made amazing house music with Rob Mello and Josh Howard as Black Science Orchestra and jazzy downbeat music in the Ballistic Brothers project. Dudes has even started three labels over the past decade plus - Afroart, Soundboy Entertainment and Ill Sun. Through it all, he has maintained an interest and love of disco, which has become much more clear recently with his amazing Heavy Disco edits.

This 12" is just pure bliss on a slab of vinyl. I want everyone to download these ASAP, put them on your iTunes or iPod, take 20 minutes out of your work day and revel in the beautiful sounds. I can guarantee you that Monday will seem a lot better and you will look forward to the week ahead and to falling in love and Obama being President. Let the horns and strings and guitars take you away from everything, as this is LIFE MUSIC people. Beedle has put his foot to the pedal on "Dance and Shake Your Tambourine," keeping it a burner right through. He's thankfully kept things mostly the same, including that little kazoo sound. There's a sick drum breakdown, those airy vocals and "oohs" and just the right amount of synths. All I can really say is wow. Grab a copy now.

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