Friday, October 17, 2008

Phreek - Weekend

Phreek - Weekend

Phreek, "Weekend (long version)" (YSI link)

Phreek, "Weekend (short version)" (YSI link)

Phreek, "Weekend (extended version)" (YSI link)

I got free guacamole from the Chipotle lady tonight, who I think may have been flirting with me, and now it's Friday afternoon and the weekend is here and it's just the perfect time for some classic disco.

Oh boy, you need this one in your life. I guarantee that Phreek's "Weekend" will be in the main rotation for a long time regardless of the day. It's one of those songs that will immediately lift your spirits as soon as you hear it, from those first rubbery bass notes and beautiful keys. This one was written and produced by the amazing Leroy Burgess and Patrick Adams, you can hear his touch with the all the little details, like the cowbells, gorgeous strings and shakers. It's all so well composed, all of these little pieces fitting into a magnificent big picture. The lyrics and vocals might even be better, as Christie Shire kills it on that front.

For everyone getting ready to head out, this one's for you. "It's party time, it's party time tonight." Enjoy, be safe, dance your asses off, fall in love.

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