Friday, October 10, 2008

DJ Harvey - Essential Mix 12.26.1999

DJ Harvey at the Lounge

DJ Harvey, BBC Radio One Essential Mix December 26, 1999 Part 1 (Filemojo link)

DJ Harvey, BBC Radio One Essential Mix December 26, 1999 Part 2 (Filemojo link)

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I'm liking the idea of throwing up some long mixes on Friday, give everyone some nice listening for the weekends. We haven't done an Essential Mix in awhile, way past time to throw up one of these. We're going way back for this one, to a different century in fact. Hopefully some readers remember those glorious 90s, when the biggest issue our country faced was a blowjob and . House music entered its peak years then, as it absorbed the blueprint and expanded on it in every major city on Earth.

One of the world's great DJs, DJ Harvey, closed out the decade with a 2 hour mixing looking back at the best of house music for the preceding 10 years. I actually know Harvey mainly through his Sarcastic Disco party and various disco-y edits over the years. Clearly though, the guy is just as well-versed with house music. You get big names like Moodyman and Orbital, lesser-known-but-no-less rad artists like The Basement Boys and 4 To The Bar, plus some disco goodies here and there. Harvey's mix makes the connection between those two genres nicely, covering much of the developments along those lines in the 90s as disco stopped being such a dirty word and more artists started to be openly influenced by the sound.


Jack said...

M F S B - "Love Is The Message" (P I R)
Bohannon - "Let's Start The Dance" (Phase 2)
Cultural Vibe - "Ma Foom Boy" (Easy Street)
Nightwriters - "Let The Music Use You" (Danica)
Orbital - "Chime" (Ozone)
Leftfield - "Not Forgotten" (Outer Rhythm)
Earth People - "Reach Up To Mars" (Underworld)
Earth People - "Dance" (Underworld)
Mass Order - "Mass Order" (white label)
2 From Jersey - "So Special" (Bass Boy)
Martha Wash - "Carry On" (R C A)
4 To The Bar - "Slam Me" (Gao)
Gemalotto - "Seduction" (Hartbeat)
Basement Boys - "A Feelin" (Azuli)
Double Exposure - "Ten Percent" (Salsoul)
Street Corner Sym - "5th Symphony" (Open)
Delacy - "Hideaway" (Slip N Slide)
Salsoul - "Rainbow" (promo)
Jaydee - "Plastic Dream" (promo)
Moody Man - "Black Mahogany" (white label)
Mood I I Swing - "Call Me" (M F O E)
Isolee - "Isolee" (white label)
artist unknown - "untitled" (Shaboom test pressing)

samdrade said...

my congratulations!