Monday, December 12, 2005

The Soundtrack to a Robbery

Soundtrack to My Robbery

Above is the actual song that was playing in my iPod when I was robbed. I was playing it so loud in my ears that it prevented me from hearing the initial words he screamed at me. This subsequently made him angry and the situation more dangerous. I'm not sure if he chose me to punish for listening to such teenage girl crap or if the theme song to Laguna Beach reminded him of his desire to have a computer to check out fan sites. Let's hope that he will leave a comment and let us know what did it. Oh, Hilary! I almost lost my life for you!

As you can tell, Robbery Week is still in effect, as I'm trying to get back into the swing of mp3 posting. Some more Three 6 Mafia/Project Pat stuff, some Mobb Deep and then this morbid joke will end. Lots of heat coming up, as I'm going to spotlight my favorite mixtape DJ, DJ Drama, and then get to the two foci I mentioned weeks ago, DJ Screw and Miami bass. Reviews of the Lady Sovereign, SPANKROCK! and Ted Leo shows that I just attended. Finally, politics, Philly, boxing, art, you know, the usual. Exciting times, as I'mma try to get back on the daily grind here.

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Brendan Dugan said...

Wolf should be called the Duff-Man!