Thursday, December 29, 2005

Murderers and Robbers

Project Pat, Murders and Robbers

Project Pat, North North

Project Pat, Bitch Smackin Killa

Project Pat, Fuck a Bitch

Project Pat, Easily Executed

What better way to celebrate this season of giving and joy than with offensive, criminal-minded rap. I agree, there is no better way. This is it, friends, the end of the road for Robbery Week, my tribute to that hip hop of robbin' and stealin'.

What better way to end it than with the music of the just-released Project Pat, the grimiest, scariest, most explicitly criminal rapper alive. These songs above are off the CD Murderers and Robbers: Underground Album, a collection of his earliest singles. The funny thing is that you would be hard-pressed to hear much difference between these songs and his subsequent major label release: the same posse cuts, the same early Three 6 sound, the same themes of bitches, violence and fighting.

-Murderers and Robbers might be a good title for the Jack Abramoff story, the GOP money man who is under investigation in multiple cases by multiple authorities in multiple states. It appears that he is on the verge of cooperating with the Feds, although it is hard to believe that he is not going to have spend many years behind bars. The Washington Post has a great story today covering his rise and fall today. Josh Marshall makes a few good criticisms here and here. Jane at firedoglake adds to the criticism of Delay's distancing from Abramoff, and hints at the potential Abramoff holds to bring down the entire GOP establishment.

For those who think that the murderers and robbers story is just another one of my commie attacks, think again. Read this story on Abramoff's business partner, Adam Kidan, who was charged in the murder-for-hire death of a Florida businessman, 'Gus' Boulis. FYI, Kidan has already agreed to cooperate with the feds. Or go here and here to read about the millions of dollars that Abramoff and his pals bilked from the Indian casinos and tribes that he represented. Bad stuff.

-A restraining order against David Letterman? Here is the craziest story I have read in a minute. This woman was issued a temporary restraining order against Letterman because she says that he has been harassing her through her television, communicating in a coded language for her and even asked her to marry him. Surprisingly, the restraining order was dropped yesterday, meaning that Letterman is free to spread his mind control and I have to reconsider

-Steve Kerr discusses the lack of enforcement in the NBA of travelling. Why is it not surprising that a dude who may have taken 12 dribbles in his entire career complains about what players are getting away with?

-I spent yesterday watching nearly the entire 12 hours of TNT's Law and Order marathon. Since this post is about just that topic, I need to say that this show has to be in my all-time top 5, and that I want Jack McCoy to be my father and/or drinking buddy, and that the greatest character ever on the show was DA Adam Schiff.

-This post and every one that has happened during Robbery Week is dedicated to the man who robbed me in the Lower East Side last month. I hope that you enjoyed my Christmas gift of a laptop, mouse, loads of music and a computer bag. I know that I have really loved the raging case of paranoia, the night sweats, the horrible flashbacks and a newfound sense of distrust and lack of faith in mankind. Let's swap gifts again, buddy. Readers, I hope that you had as good as a gift exchange as I did. Actually, I hope that you cleared this low bar by quite a bit.


lex luger said...

well kiddies, it turns out that david letterman's oprah-code-named secret lover might actually have a real psychological disorder whereby someone delusionally believes that a person of "higher social status" is sending them messages of love through looks and glances... it's called erotomania. i shit you not. check it out at !! toodles!

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