Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gimme The Loot

Notorious B.I.G., Gimme the Loot

Notorious B.I.G., Warning

Notorious B.I.G., Kick In The Door

Mang, it's like being back in 8th grade this week at Pound for Pound, as here's another classic robbery song. This one comes off another of the "Greatest Albums of All Time" list, Notorious B.I.G.'s Ready to Die. I don't need to tell you about this one, as y'all know how great Biggie was and how classic this album was.

What strikes me about these tracks, besides their explicit references to robbing someone, is how perfect it sounds. It sounds both of a specific time and timeless. Let me explain better. When I hear this song, it takes me back to the early 90s, to the end of grade school, high school, that 90s New York sound centered around DJ Premier's beats. Gang Starr, Black Moon, all those who came through the D+D Studios. It's the sound that defines an era, the era during which I grew up, the sort of default hip hop sound for my ears. Yet, listen to these songs above, or B.I.G.'s albums, and tell me that this stuff still doesn't bang, that it wouldn't sound fresh on Hot 97 or Power 99 today.

-If you're going to rob someone, this would be the item to grab. The rereleased Nike Air Max 90 infrareds were just released as a part of the history of the Air Max pack. These are fire, a legit grail. (I had a pair of the AM 9os in aqua blue that were just as hot back in the early 90s (like how I brought it all back home?), but unfortunately they've never been rereleased. Some day...) Good luck to Cuban Links in his quest to get a pair. Go here to see the web site Nike set up to honor the Air Max, a shoe that has grown on me more and more over the years. [Via Hype Beast]

-How crazy is the sneaker game? Check out the winning bids on these recent watch items for Pound for Pound here, here, here and here. For real though, if I had the loot, I would spend a couple Gs for those Paris Dunks. Mmmm, watch out Philly, watch out LES, I might have to get my ski-mask and take care of business. Go here and check out some legendary Dunks, and remind yourself why the hype began.

-More grails are coming out, as the Jordan IV military blues are getting the re-release treatment. Save your money for June 2006. This was my first pair of serious sneakers, copped in 7th grade (I think), a stunningly good fashion choice by me in an unfashionable life. [Via Slam X Hype]

-Clothing loot? Look no further than the new line of t-shirts from aNYthing [Via A Silent Flute]. They just opened their storefront in NYC on Hester Street, which I will check out on my next departure from the Chinatown bus (New Century Travel stand up!). Throwing parties downtown, giving interviews, doing real big things. Block party tonight, 7-9 pm. [Via SlamxHype]

-Wanna stay up on kicks, fashion, art, good things? A Silent Flute, dork magazine., Freshness, High Snobiety, Inquiring Mind, RTHQ, Dopefiend, Beinghunted, Hypebeast, Slam X Hype and Cool Hunting are essential reading. Feel free to let me know of others, as I love to look at stuff that I'm neither cool enough to rock or rich enough to afford.

-Lady Sov review tomorrow morning, more Robbery Week stuff, hope y'all enjoy.

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Joey said...

I am wearing the fuck out of those J's. OMG.