Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Ski Mask Way


50 Cent, The Ski Mask Way

50 Cent (ft. Madd Rapper), How to Rob

Yeah, we're back with Robbery Week, which has now stretched to a fortnight, filled with uncomfortable humor and stick-up music. We're going to stay in Queens for this post, moving from Mobb Deep to 50 Cent, the second-most famous rapper in the world. (FYI, I assume that Eminem is the most famous rapper alive, but I could be wrong.)

I don't think that I have ever referenced Curtis Jackson on this blog, which doesn't say much for my thoroughness. I've never been a huge fan of Fiddy, possibly a reaction to his massive popularity. It's undeniable that he has put out some of the best singles of the past few years, from "In Da Club" to "Candy Shop." In fact, I don't think that he has ever gotten the respect he deserves for his music, which may not break much ground but have been hugely popular and club-killing over two albums and a few years. I mean, as a fan of reggaeton and Baltimore club, it's hard for me to hate on sticking with a good sound.

And of course, no one has benefitted more from the mythology of thug life than 50 Cent. His story is as well-known as our President's, a source of street cred and fodder for national magazines looking for a shocking tale.

-Crime has been front and center this week, ever since The New York Times broke the story that the President of the United States authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to engage in domestic surveillance without a warrant or Congressional knowledge. Bush subsequently admitted that he has given a spy agency the right to spy on American citizens without telling Congress or following the FISA law established to prevent just this sort of abuse. Kevin Drum has been the best source on this story. Go here, here, here, here and here for background and important questions that need answers on this scandal. Hilzoy, Matt Yglesias and Josh Marshall get to the heart of the matter. More to come on this, as it is a developing story.

-In my Philly love post, I forgot to mention another excellent Philly blog that discusses indie music- with some sports, movies and odds and ends thrown in. The BM Rant is an excellent site, a good resource for music and Philly concert info, and a frequent contributor to Philly Future.

-If you are wondering what everyone will be listening to next year, especially people who get worked up about hipsters and scenesters, go check out the new mix by Dave P of Making Time fame and JDH over at Cliktrax. This is recorded live from their recent set at the NYC party Fixed. [Via Catchdubs]

-Do you want indie but with black people? Wanna hear Christmas music but fear the repercussions if people find out you listen to Bing Crosby? Then go here and check out the Christmas mix at Stones Throw by Peanut Butter Wolf.

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