Friday, December 16, 2005

Lady Sovereign Screws Philly/Hipsters to Blame

Lady Sovereign, Shhh

Lady Sovereign, Cha Ching (Cheque 1, 2 remix)

Lady Sovereign, Hoodie (Basement Jaxx remix)

This may be old news already, but whatever. I have to discuss the Lady Sovereign show here in Philly last Thursday night at Silk City, which was truly one of the most bizarre events I have ever attended.

Things began at 9, when the ticketless, yours truly included, lined up outside to guarantee getting in. Let me repeat, outside, on a 25 degree night with the wind blowing. Fortunately, I was graced with the good company of LD, as we were able to survive the Around 10:15, the line was still held outside, at which point my testicles had completely rescinded and I went numb. Finally, the promoter came outside and explained the delay, which was caused by Lady Sov's issues with the sound system and her extended sound check. My Spidey sense began to go off at this point, as I knew all about her strange NYC appearances, including her sick/drunk premiere at the Knitting Factory and her no-show at a Spin/CMJ afterparty. Could she top this? Would the midget throw a giant fit? Would Jay-Z show up? Would I get drunk off of one beer?

The answers to those questions are yes, yes, no and surprisingly no. Once we finally got in, my mood improved 60 degrees worth. Best of all, Philly came out in big numbers, as the place was packed early. There was a real buzz to the night- it felt like being at the first MIA show at the Ukie Club or Bloc Party at Making Time.

The energized room first got the chance to hear the amazing Ghislain Poirier do a set of his own beats and music on laptop. This was the highlight of the night, and I cannot recommend his music more. Poirier mixes underground hip hop, dancehall and grime-y beats to nice results. Go here and cop his album, as you will be hearing much more of this guy.

His set ended at 11:30 or so, which allowed me to go to the bathroom before LSov came out and get a good spot to watch the show. Little did I realize just how crowded the place was and how rude hipsters can be, as it took me 10 minutes to cross the dancefloor/front of the stage area. It was so frustrating and horrible a walk that my anxiety-ridden ass decided to stay down front and not venture back into the fray. LD joined me in front of the merchandise table, and it was from this vangtage point that I saw the strangest concert ever.

Lady Sovereign's DJ, DJ Cameo, came out first to warm things up, an eerie reminder of the NYC party MC and I attended where Sov never showed and we were instead treated to a dancefloor-clearing DJ set of grime and garage. Thankfully, I could see her standing in the wings, and knew that the show would go on. Before I knew it, she was on stage performing her first song. She sounded loud and clear, even though I couldn't see her (she is tiny, people). The song ended, and the place was going crazy. Soon, Lady Sov would go crazy. It began with her criticizing the sound system at the club, then imploring the crowd to yell at those responsible for this system, and finally attempting to push off a giant speaker from its position atop another giant speaker. There was some more British talk, and before anyone knew it, she was gone. The show was over. FYI, she did come back on stage for a weird minute-long second attempt to perform 30 minutes or so later, but again the damn speakers got her goat. She walked off again, but this time the majority of the crowd had long since left.

What are my thoughts on the night? Amusement, mainly. I understand why people were angry, as Mickey from callmeMICKEY calls her out for this bush league shit quite well. Go here to Badminton Stamps for even more anger. She was unprofessional, rude and I feel like she owes Philly quite an apology. However, I personally didn't feel like I should get my money back or get angry at the promoter. R5 didn't tell her to call the show after one song. Hell, the sound wasn't that bad. They didn't deserve to lose money on this one, and Ghislain didn't deserve to not get paid. I didn't ask for my money back, as I felt like I got 8 bucks worth from the night. I don't know, I was pissed off, but I just didn't have any rage really.

Then, I read this letter over at Philebrity and I nearly threw up in my mouth. Collin E. Flatt writes a pathetic screed, hitting that easiest of targets, hipsters, and takes this entire process quite personally. The amazing part is that I believe that he is referring to me, as I did tell someone to stop berating the merchandise guy after she walked off the stage. This loser decided to take his anger out on the guy who sells her fucking CDs and t-shirts, yelling at him, pointing his finger at the dude's chest in an attempt to intimidate. He wanted his money back for the CD he bought, because he didn't get a show. I told him to complain to the promoter, since that is the person who took his money for the concert and booked her.

It seems that this makes me one of "the stupid, dumbass, trendy, self-important, thick-rimmed glasses wearing, stupid bike riding, scarf wearing, Sparks-begging hipster crowd." Wow, you sure nailed it, dude. I mean, those damn hipsters, they sure do ruin things for you and your hip hop friends. There's nothing quite like getting a lesson on hip hop from America's biggest Sunny Day Real Estate fan. Here's an idea, bol: Shut your mouth and don't play the Internet tough guy. My email is to the right, if you wish to say to speak. I would love to find out when you are DJing in Philly, since you have been "a DJ in this town for 10 years". Stand up, Collin E. Flatt, or are you just another Internet tough guy?


Anonymous said...

Amusingly, I have never seen a non-hipster rant about hipsters.

Anonymous said...

CEF is full of crap. He doesn't DJ anywhere, and that's a fact. Way to call him out on it.

Anonymous said...

CEF is lying. He doesn't DJ, and that's a fact. Way to see through his layers of crap.

Anonymous said...

Actually, CEF was a DJ here, but that was a long time ago. Not sure, but he was kind of a smackhead then, too.

Reading Phileb, going to Silk City on a Wednesday? Sounds hipster to me.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just read this, and i gotta ask, who is being the bully here? As far as I remember, or maybe I just don't know, but Philebrity isn't an open forum. Unless CEF runs that deal, how is he being self-righteous? It seemed like a letter to Philebrity to me, not a rant for the masses. Ok, so the environment sucked (I guess that included the crowd) and maybe he was taking it personally. I would if I had to stand out in the cold for a shitty performer/promoter/venue for two hours. Cold+no show+annoying envrionment+oversold show = a nasty night. I'm not saying what he wrote was 100% right, but it didn't seem like he was trying to be tough, especially if he didn't post it himself.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoye your article. It actually made me smile.

If CEF's ego were any bigger I think he'd suffocate under it.

~Someone who's had the unfortunate experience of his "company"

Anonymous said...

Wow...I just came across this article, and have to say this: That article spoke more truth than you will ever know: CEF IS indeed the most arrogant self righteous jerk, who has a penchant for lying compulsively.

Way to call him out on it! Good Job!

~Another person who had the unfortunate experience of his "company"

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is absurd. The 'last word on hip-hop' calls out someone for being a Sunny Day Real Estate fan. I see excessive mentions of Dylan, The Smiths, New Order and a host of other 'non hip-hop' music here. I would say hypocritical, and wonder who is being the 'internet tough guy'.

And then the comments turn into a Dr. Phil session full of angry girls. No guy would be searching for another dude's name to put him down. Hey ladies, guys lie. In fact, everyone does.

As for ego, maybe he wouldn't have one if people didn't care enough to Googlestalk him.

I was looking for the dude that did the photoshop stuff, and if it's the same guy, tell him he's funny. He might be an asshole, which is outlined in his letter, but how are any of you people different?

Anonymous said... normal person I know writes public letters that are not true, and yet the people who actually just read Pound for Pound, and have the unfortunate experience of having met this weirdo are accused of being stalkers and the "angry girls". I wonder who REALLY is doing the stalking if they also felt so inclined to leave the message? I think someone could probably use their own session with Dr. Phil. Just an observation.
Love your site, by the way!