Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We Got It For Oops Volume 1

Clipse, We Got It For Cheap Volume 2

Sorry, I'm going to have to wait to put up We Got It For Cheap Volume 1, as I am in NYC and away from my CDs. In its place, I am putting up We Got It For Cheap Volume 2, a logical replacement. More to come on these two volumes, as I will get Volume 1 up in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Keep the votes coming in on the next focus here at Pound for Pound.

DJ Screw vs. Miami bass vs. Three 6 Mafia

Vote or Die


Paz said...

My vote's for Miami bass - probably the least overexposed right now and most likely to win instant converts. People either love or hate screw awready, and if you can't get down with the 3-6, you can't be helped.

Martin said...

Clipse vol.1? Would love to hear it...

McStallen said...

Big ups to Roper- engaged- finally

Jack said...

Thanks for the response guys.

Paz, Miami bass is definitely the least overexposed genre I can think of. It amazes me that crunk and baile funk have found an audience with hipsters and others, but the foundation for both is completely ignored.

Your Three 6 comment warmed my cold, dead heart, as I really can't imagine or worry about the person who can't get into 3-6. Thanks for the vote, hope to hear more from you.

Martin, Imma try to get the Clipse volume 1 up this weekend. Check back soon. Any thoughts on the Screw vs Miami bass vs Three 6? Sweden stand up!

McStallen, stunning news. I'm get at you on email tonight.

Martin said...

I must say that i'm with paz, although here in sweden the fad with baile funk among the hipsters seems to have fizzled out in favor of baltimore club.

Jack: Can't wait to hear vol.1! I heard it's full of references to "The Wire" which is probably my favorite TV-show