Friday, November 18, 2005

Things That Are Making Me Smile Part 1

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Amazingly, the news has been cheering me up, which is either a good sign for the state of the country, or a bad sign for the state of my life. For real, though, there have been some nice developments in politics, sports and music that have put me in a better mood- a little sun on a cloudy day.

-The Democrats won both Governor's races last Tuesday, in New Jersey and Virginia. The Virginia one is especially exciting because it comes in a red state that voted for Bush by a nine % point margin in 2004. Bush actually made a campaign push for the Republican nominee on Monday, and it seemed to have a negative impact. The Republican nominee for NJ Governor, Doug Forrester, blamed Bush for his loss. Nice to see the GOP big tent collapsing under the weight of corruption and ineptitude. However, heed kos' words that this is just the beginning, that we need to keep the Republicans reeling.

-Philly voters overwhelmingly approved a change to the City Charter that will enable ethics reform to go forward. It was 6 to 1 voting yes, a clear and loud message that voters do care about this issue. Again, this is just a beginning. We must keep the focus on this issue and the pressure on members of City Council.

-The Philadelphia Flyers look great. although they lost in overtime last night. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to have my boys back in action, winning, playing well and taking my mind off of things. Actually, this is just a shameless way to boost Canadian readership, but whatever.

-lemon-red! Bol is straight killin' it. Go here and check out the new monthly mix, this time by DJ Benzi. Go here and grab the DJ Eleven mix, Houston Rocks It, as one of The Rub DJs takes you on a journey through the hip hop history of everyone's favorite city, H-Town. Go here for the man's first foray into mix making, a nice start and hopefully the first of many.

-Thanks to the good guys at Those Two Words for the kind words over at their site and in the comments section. It's real nice to have them back writing and updating on a consistent basis. Go check them out here, or use the link on the right as I have finally added them to the links list. It's one of the best hip hop news sources around.

More to come later in the week on the positive, as I try to stay on the Bobby McFerrin grind.

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jayo said...

man im with you on that VA shit... i was birthed in the mediocre state of VA and we fled that shit, because my mom is a lesbian and gay people arent deemed fit parents in VA, so we came to killa cali, best fucking shit in my life, FUCK VA. BUT anyway, on the real, i remember when fucking OLLIE NORTH ran for gov. of VA, so seeing a democrat get elected gov of VA is just fucking impressive, fucking good shit man, and yea im faded and knocking some AFX, sometimes its great fun to knock shit that isnt 'cool' because afx is just the fcking mozart of this period man, polyrhythmic and polymelodic and polyomammo and SHIIAEITADJASTLAJD