Sunday, November 13, 2005

RIP Arrested Development

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In a fitting end to a shitty week, Arrested Development, the FOX sitcom, was dropped from the November sweeps schedule Friday. While the show is due to return in December, the network has cut the third season to 13 episodes. In other words, the show has been cancelled, fulfilling the threats of FOX executives and the worst fears of its fans. There are 5 more episodes this year and that's it. It will not return in the new year.

This is really upsetting news for me, as this was the one. The only show that I got excited to watch, that I waited for each week, my TV jawn. What does the future hold for Pound for Pound's TV time? I guess that I will continue to let my inner 16 year girl out, solely watching MTV programming. I am thankful that both seasons are available on DVD, as it's nice to know that I can always watch the show and pretend it's still on. Go here to buy them.

More than anything, it's a sad day for TV viewers. I know y'all are watching lots of TV, but I just can't figure out what you're watching? Law and Order: Short Hills? Some girl with implants eating worms for money? A family terrorized by a morbidly obese, Christian maniac who was swapped for their real wife/mom? Bobby and Whitney? The Danny Bonaduce train wreck? (Wait, that last one's legit.) We let something unique and creative die, and so we deserve all the reality show crap that fill the air. The folks at TV Squad have a far better attack on the people who didn't like the show.

The cancellation's got the Internet going nuts. The people at Fox's Arrested Development forum are plotting a revolution. For real, that is the subject of a post. Here is the site dedicated to bringing the show back from the dead. Read this lament from someone who watches TV for a living, The Arizona Republic's Bill Goodykoontz, who makes it clear just how bad this news is. As Goodykoontz (a simply awesome last name) says, "This is perfect television." The Moderate Voice weighs in, as does TV Fodder and TV Elites.

Finally, a big fuck you to FOX. Your pathetic network had a real treasure, the best comedy on television. A successful network would have made this work, like NBC did with Friends or CBS with that pile of shit Everybody Loves Raymond. Unfortunately, the douchebags at FOX are too concerned with finding new ways to switch wives or make people cheat on their boyfriends to promote an Emmy winner. Great job, guys, as I guess that you can focus all of your attention on the greatest comedy of all, FOX News. Learn your lesson and stick to propaganda.

It is a shame that there will be no more Michael, Gob and Buster, but I still hold out hope that another network will step up and find a home for the best TV show since Seinfeld. HBO, stand up!

Free Anyan!


ron voltaire said...

this is such bullshit. fyi, the fat christian mom on trading spouses was also totally legit viewing, too. how dare you!

Paul Tsikitas said...

My heart is also broke, friend. Seriously, Fox has a bad disease of doing this to shows. Great post my friend, but keep the faith that some smart exec from either a cable station or another network (doubt it) will pick it up. There may be a chance.

Until then, Fox, you blow hard.