Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We Still Tippin'

Mike Jones featuring the G-Unit-Still Tippin' (remix)

Mike Jones, Lil Keke and Big Pokey-Still Tippin' (remix)

Mike Jones, Slim Thug and Paul Wall-Still Tippin' (Diplo remix)

A follow-up to this post, as I wanted to put up some re-interpretations of "Still Tippin'", the track that still kills me and is still the standout track from Mike Jones' album, Who Is Mike Jones?. The first one is the official remix featuring the G-Unit, which is all the proof you need to have to realize that Houston done blown up. Suddenly, Houston's song are getting the same treatment that a Fat Joe or The Game song would get. Our baby's all grows up, all grows up. The track's kind of a throwaway, as the 50 and Young Buck verses add nothing.

The second one features two of the Houston's best, as Lil Keke and Big Pokey kill it. This one comes close to equalling the original version, as those Texas drawls sound so perfect over those slow Michael Watts beat and violin loop. Again, it is so nice to hear something that's not trying to hit the charts or appeal to some douchebag A&R guy at a major label. Much more to come on Keke and Pokey, who have helped put Houston on the map with the Screwed Up Click and their solo work.

Finally, the last one allows me to continue to jock Diplo (no homo), while simultaneously showing how versatile and talented he is. A great version of the song, which perfectly illustrates the wonderful surprises that mash-ups can bring. Thanks to Houston So Real, who posted this up a few months ago.

-Speaking of crazy shit, Dave Chappelle has reportedly gone off the deep end. News leaked last week that he is in a mental hospital in South Africa, although Chapelle has dismissed these claims over the weekend. I just have to say that if you are in a mental hospital in South Africa, the home of apartheid and abject poverty, shit is really real. I do hope that Dave gets better, but this whole woe is me schtick after signing a $50 million deal has gots to go. As a nice gesture on the part of his fans, I hearby suggest that no one ever do the Rick James bit ever again. Pretty please? Deal? Good.

-Another funny guy (actually the funniest), Will Ferrell, dropped a movie this weekend. Kicking and Screaming is a family flick, in which Ferrell is the coach of his son's soccer team. While this does not sound promising, the commercials prove to me that Ferrell could do anything and I would laugh my ass off.

-On the opposite end of the spectrum (the end that isn't funny and is completely unbearable), Everybody Loves Raymond comes to an end tonight after 210 episodes. I believe that historians will look back centuries from now, and look at the popularity, awards and critical acclaim that this show received as a signpost of the end of the American empire.

-Lots of good stuff going on in Philly, as it's not all shitty sports teams and corrupt leaders. The real estate market here is booming, with new constructions popping up everywhere. Best of all, the focus continues to head north into North Philly, which warms Pound for Pound's heart like very few things can. This development at Broad and Mount Vernon Sts. continues the extension of the Avenue of the Arts north, making Broad Street more and more the destination it should be.

-The area's business leaders seem to finally be getting their acts together, as this major hiring confirms. Select Greater Philadelphia, the economic development arm of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, chose Thomas Morr, one of the leaders in Washington's D.C.'s economic turnaround. It is nice to see the business community take a proactive stance, as they have relied too much on government to improve this area.

-Finally, a few personal bullet points. I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to MF, a.k.a Tiny Dancer. Also, happy birthday to ML, whose kiss Friday night has left me questioning my own sexuality. No homo?

-Congragulations to MC on her graduation yesterday. So proud, mami, as this is a wonderful accomplishment. I wish that I could have experienced more of this time with her, but look forward to being a part of her dazzling future. As my coach always said, it's doesn't matter who starts the game, but who's in at the end when things really matter. Yamean? Real big things for you, real big things, as the museums and galleries of the world best be on the lookout.

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