Thursday, May 19, 2005

Te Quiero Mi Mami

Usher, Yeah (DJ Whoo Kid reggaeton remix)

Cassidy, Hotel (DJ Whoo Kid reggaeton remix)

Alicia Keys, Karma (DJ Whoo Kid reggaeton remix)

50 Cent, Disco Inferno (DJ Whoo Kid reggaeton remix)

Kevin Lyttle, Turn Me On (DJ Whoo Kid reggaeton remix)

Summer is starting to return, as the weather has turned hot and people are everywhere in the city these last few days. I can think of little else that I want to listen to right now more than reggaeton, the Puerto Rican/Panamanian/Carribean music that has begun to takeover the East Coast cities that we care about here on Pound for Pound. It evokes summer in much the same way that 40 oz. Olde English and water ice does. Perfect.

The above songs come off of the DJ Whoo Kid Presents-Reggaeton mixtape, which is the format for so much of this music. Street music sold on the streets. Whoo Kid's mix seems the best introduction for us, as he puts on numerous reggaeton remixes of popular hip-hop and dancehall songs. These should sound familiar but not familiar (if that makes sense). These give you a good sense of the music, the mixture of dancehall, Soca, house and hip hop rhythms that make up this polyglot genre.

Enjoy this taste, as there is much more to come. We will get into the big names, like Tego Calderon, Daddy Yankee, Ivy Queen and Don Omar, try to put it into context as a street music, look at its growing popularity here in the States.

-If you like the songs above, go to Silk City tonight and check out a new monthly, Esta Bien, dedicated to reggaeton. This is the first one, but it sounds like G13 Sound are bringing something unique and necessary to Philly. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to check this one out, as MC and I have spent the last few weeks scouring Philly and the Internets for this music.

-I am planning on putting together a major post on the pay-to-play trial and the future of ethics reform in Philadelphia this weekend. In the meantime, check out this great three-part series by the Philadelphia Inquirer here, here and here (or go here for the articles and lots of additional info). It looks at the shady dealings of State Senator Vince Fumo in regards to the family owned bank he runs. It is a nice look at the ethical swamp that is Pennsylvania politics, while providing a sobering look at one of the power players in this city. Oh, and make sure to check out this article that updates the (surprise, surprise) FBI investigation of Fumo.

-In a similar vein, this seems like a good time to look at the nightmare that is judicial elections in Philadelphia. These 'elections' are really just paydays for ward leaders, who demand money from judicial candidates in return for their endorsements on the official ballots that are given out at polling places. There has been a movement for years to appoint judges, thereby taking this important selection process out of the hands of these corrupt ward leaders. Tom Ferrick does a great job exposing another embarrassing aspect of this system: its . Amazingly, there is momentum right now to chenge the system and move to a merit-based system with a selection system. Again, Pennsylvania has a choice to move into the future or get left behind in the past.

-On a more positive note from a PA State Senator, read this editorial by Vincent Hughes, who represents West Philadelphia. This push to raise the minimum wage is long overdue, since it has remained stagnant for 5 years, not even keeping up with inflation. Our neighbors and competitors have made similar moves recently, recognizing the benefits and fairness that this move engenders. It is time for Pennsylvania to decide what sort of place it wants to be, and this bill by Hughes and Sen. Christine Tartaglione seems a good indicator of what the future holds.

-Speaking of crazy, is the New York Times serious about charging to read their op-ed writers? Have they ever actually read what Bill Tierney writes? Did they actually mean to say that they would pay us, the readers, money to look at the garbage that David Brooks spits out twice a week? [Thanks to TA for this one]

-Finally, head here and find out the #1 song in the land on your birthday. What was rocking the country on the landmark day of Pound for Pound's birth, you ask? The Commodores' "Three Times A Lady". (Was there even a doubt?) Pound for Pound's life theme, a.k.a. the #1 song on one's 18th b-day? A little ditty called "Macarena" by the legendary Los Del Rio. [Thanks to MC and CP for this one]

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